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Safe Water Fun for Your Ferret

ferret in fountain

Does your ferret enjoy water?

Here’s a safe way for your ferrets to play in the water—a ferret water fountain! Watch your adorable ferret pounce and frolic in the cascading water. It’s a sight to behold, and here’s why it’s unlike any other water play experience for your ferret:

  • Interactive Fun: Unlike traditional water bowls or dishes, the fountain’s flowing water design engages your ferret’s natural curiosity and instinct to explore. It’s like having a mini water park in your home for your ferret to enjoy!
  • Splish-Splash Joy: Ferrets love water, and what better way to indulge their aquatic antics than with a fountain specifically designed for them? The gentle flow of water provides endless entertainment as they splash to their heart’s content.
  • Cooling Relief: Especially during warmer months, the fountain offers your ferret a refreshing respite from the heat. Whether they’re dipping their paws or taking a full-on dip, the cool water provides relief and helps regulate their body temperature.
  • Health Benefits: While other water play options like shallow bowls or sinks may suffice, they lack the added benefits of the fountain’s filtration system. With clean, filtered water constantly circulating, your ferret not only quenches their thirst but also maintains better overall health and hygiene.
  • Stimulating Senses: The sight and sound of flowing water captivate your ferret’s senses, providing both mental and physical stimulation. It’s like a sensory playground, enticing them to explore and interact in ways that traditional water sources simply can’t match.
  • Easy Maintenance: Simple assembly and disassembly make cleaning quick and easy.

So, if you’re looking to elevate your ferret’s playtime to the next level, this ferret water fountain is the ultimate choice for endless aquatic adventures!

Get Yours HERE

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Ferret-Themed Accessories —Show Your Ferret Love

ferret-themed accessories

How Ferret-Themed Accessories Began

Once upon a time, in the bustling town of Ferreton, where the residents had a peculiar fondness for all things ferret, a quirky inventor named Professor Fuzzywhiskers had a brilliant idea. He decided to revolutionize fashion by creating ferret-themed accessories—shoes, hats, and caps that would take the town by storm.

The professor spent days and nights in his eccentric laboratory, surrounded by stacks of ferret-inspired fabrics, miniature ferret mannequins, and, of course, his trusty assistant, Sir Slinkytail, a mischievous ferret with a penchant for stealing.

One sunny morning, Professor Fuzzywhiskers unveiled his collection in the town square. The townspeople couldn’t believe their eyes. The ferret-themed fashion was an instant hit! The streets of Ferreton transformed into a lively fashion show, with residents proudly strutting their new ferret footwear and headgear. Even the mayor, known for his stern demeanor, couldn’t resist sporting a cap with a little embroidered ferret on it.

As word spread about Professor Fuzzywhiskers’ creations, people from neighboring towns flocked to Ferreton to get their hands (and feet) on the latest ferret apparel. The demand was so high that the professor had to enlist the help of a team of skilled ferret tailors to keep up.

The town became a tourist hotspot, attracting visitors who marveled at the quirky fashion choices and the playful ferrets that roamed the streets. Ferreton’s slogan proudly proclaimed, “Where Ferrets and Fashion Collide!”

One day, as Professor Fuzzywhiskers surveyed the bustling town square, he couldn’t help but smile at the sight of his ferret-themed creations bringing joy to everyone. Sir Slinkytail, perched on the professor’s shoulder, chittered his approval.

And so, in the whimsical town of Ferreton, known for ferret-themed shoes, hats, and caps, became more than just fashion—they became a symbol of the town’s unique spirit and the delightful fusion of creativity and furry companionship. Now the professor and Fuzzywhiskers are brainstorming to see what other ferret-themed fashion they can create next. Here’s a peek.

Ferret-Themed Accessories For All

The ferret fashion craze has spread around the globe. Now everyone can enjoy ferret-themed accessories—caps, knit caps, sneakers…

Get yours below!

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Ferret-Themed Apparel

ferret-themed apparel

Buying someone ferret-themed clothes can be a unique and playful gift when you know the person’s sense of humor and interests. If they appreciate quirky and amusing gifts, ferret-themed apparel could be a delightful choice!

Ferret-Themed Apparel

Gifting ferret-themed apparel is a great choice because it:

  • Adds a Personalized Touch: If the person is a ferret enthusiast or owns ferrets, ferret-themed clothes can be a fun and personalized gift that shows you know their interests.
  • Is a Conversation Starter: Ferret-themed clothes can be quirky and unexpected and they are sure to catch people’s attention.
  • Adds a Humorous Element: Ferrets are known for their playful and mischievous nature. Choosing ferret-themed clothes and mimics these characteristics.
  • Has a Novelty Factor: People often appreciate gifts that are a bit out of the ordinary. Ferret-themed clothes fall into this category, making the gift memorable and distinct.

Want more ferret-themed gift ideas? Check out Ferret-themed Accessories Jewelry Gifts for Ferret Lovers, Home Gifts for Ferret Lovers and Finding Ferret-Themed Christmas Gifts.

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Home Gifts for Ferret Lovers

Home Gifts for ferret lovers

Personalizing a home is a transformative journey that goes beyond aesthetics. It is an investment in creating an environment where we not only dwell but thrive emotionally, finding solace and inspiration within our carefully curated spaces. Our home is our retreat, a spot where we can kick back and be ourselves.

Our home is a story that grows and changes with us. As our tastes shift, our experiences pile up, and we enter new chapters of our lives, so does our home. It’s a canvas that may change quickly, capturing the essence of our unique lives. As we acquire new interests and we may uncover treasures that we never imagined.

Home Gifts for Ferret Lovers

I’ve done some research and uncovered a number of ferret-related treasures—home gifts for ferret lovers. Take a look and discover a great gift for your ferret-loving friend, relative or co-worker.

If you want to explore more ferret-themed gift ideas, visit Jewelry Gifts for Ferret Lovers and Finding Ferret-Themed Christmas Gifts. and keep checking back on this website for new gift ideas, reviews and tips—everything ferret!

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Jewelry Gifts for Ferret Lovers

jewelry gifts for ferret lovers

Ferret jewelry stands out as a delightful and thoughtful gift option for ferret lovers. From earrings, necklaces and bracelets to rings and cufflinks. Jewelry gifts for ferret lovers show that you care about getting a gift that is thoughtful and chosen specifically for them.

Jewelry Gifts for Ferret Lovers

Why Ferret Jewelry is a Great Gift

The appeal of ferret jewelry extends beyond its aesthetic charm. Firstly, it holds significant sentimental value, allowing the wearer to carry a memento of their beloved ferret with them wherever they go. Secondly, ferret-themed jewelry is stylish and unique, providing a fashionable outlet for expressing one’s passion for these playful creatures. Plus, these pieces serve as fantastic conversation starters, enabling the recipient to share anecdotes and tales about their ferret companions. With a wide range of options available, ferret jewelry caters to various tastes—for both men and women—ensuring that the gift is not only enduring but also deeply meaningful to the recipient.

Whatever the gift recipient’s taste and your budget, you can find beautiful ferret jewelry without having to wander around the shops endlessly or spend hours online.

For more gift-giving ideas, visit Finding Christmas Themed Gifts For Ferret Lovers and Home Gifts for Ferret Lovers

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Unique Stylish Ferret House—A Ferret Playground

ferret house

If you’re looking for something special for your ferret, here it is—a ferret house. Not just any house, a stylish, luxury ferret playhouse! 

As you know, ferrets are naturally curious and playful animals. A playhouse allows them to explore new spaces, climb, jump, and investigate various nooks and crannies. It stimulates their instincts and provides mental and physical enrichment, keeping them entertained and preventing boredom.

Ferret Playground

Actually, there are several different styles of these large handmade ferret houses. These playhouses are two and three-level castles and houses with ramps, steps, bridges, multiple entry/exit points and cushioned rooftops.

Watch your ferret dash through passageways, climb stairs and pop out of openings—enjoying the thrill of discovery.

If you have multiple ferrets, these playhouses are perfect for chasing, playing and interacting with each other. You can even join in on the fun! When they get tired, these playhouses provide spaces to nap in comfort.

What ferret wouldn’t love to have one of these stylish and entertaining playhouses?

Ferret House Features

Here are some of the features of these houses and castles:

  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Handmade with antibacterial sturdy and durable plywood
  • Laser cut with intricate detailing
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 55-73” long
  • 17-22” high
  • Non-slip surfaces
  • Removable cushions
  • Extra fun for multiple ferrets

And because they’re handmade, you can customize some of them with different colors to suit your decor (or your ferret’s preference).

Note: These playhouses are labeled for rabbits, but don’t let that concern you. There are so many items that are great for ferrets—they are just marketed toward other pets or other uses. These playhouses are just made a bit larger and sturdier, but that gives your ferret more room to play.  Your ferret will love it, and all the other ferret parents and ferrets will be envious!

Of course, remember to supervise ferrets during playtime to keep them safe.

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Unique Pet Memorial Garden Markers for Your Ferret

A ferret holds a special place in the heart of their owner, becoming a cherished member of the family. Losing a beloved ferret is a deeply emotional experience, and finding ways to honor their memory can bring comfort and solace to grieving hearts.

A personalized ferret memorial for your garden or patio offers a meaningful way to pay tribute to your cherished pet that has crossed the rainbow bridge.

A special memorial serves as a lasting reminder of the love, joy, and companionship shared with the furry friend, creating a space of remembrance and reflection.

One unique option when considering pet memorial garden markers for your ferret is a memorial sign—a customized remembrance stake with your ferret’s name and heartfelt words.

pet memorial garden markers for ferrets

Pet Memorial Garden Markers for Your Ferrets

This ferret memorial stake is crafted of sturdy metal to pay a lasting tribute to your beloved pet.

It can be anchored in your garden or a planter on your patio, or even indoors.

Personalize the text for the bottom of the sign, such as years of birth and passing or a special phrase.

  • Choice of weatherproof enamel finishes or rust patina
  • Choice of script or block lettering for their name

Measuring 16” wide and 18” – 20” tall (depending on your ferret’s name and the font you select). The stakes add 3-6 inches to the height when mounted into the ground. It’s a snap to set up with the included 14” steel rods.

Enhance Your Memorial

If you plan to place the memorial indoors or in a weather-protected area, your options are only limited by your creativity. If placing it outdoors, be sure to select additional items that are appropriate for your outdoor setting. Here are a few ideas:\

  • Surround the memorial with colorful flowers or plants
  • Create a space that reflects your ferret’s personality—add  your ferret’s favorite toys or other items that they loved 
  • Display framed photos or a photo collage
  • Create a shadow box or display box

It can help fill that void with cherished memories. By creating a designated space in the garden or patio, you can transform it into a sanctuary of remembrance, a place where they can reflect on the unique moments, mischievous antics, and unconditional love you shared.

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Unique Cremation Urns for Ferrets

rainbow bridge ferret urn

Losing a beloved ferret is a heartbreaking experience, and as a fellow ferret parent, I understand the deep bond and love you shared with your furry friend. Unfortunately, our fur babies are destined to live a short life.  During this difficult time, it is important to find a way to preserve their memory and honor their presence in our lives. One beautiful and meaningful option to consider are cremation urns for ferrets.

You may not know this, but there are special cremation urns for ferrets. Some are shaped like a ferret and come in multiple colors to resemble your ferret’s coloring. Others etch your ferret’s picture on a wooden box or incorporate a photo of your ferret into the design.

Whether you plan to keep or scatter your ferret’s ashes in a meaningful place, cremation urns are beautiful memorials. A ferret urn is a lasting tribute to their unique personality.

Cremation Urns for Ferrets—Considerations

Several important factors should be considered when choosing a cremation urn for your beloved ferret.

Remember that the primary focus when selecting a cremation urn for your ferret should be its sentimental value. While the design and aesthetics are important, the emotional connection and memories associated with the memorial are most important. The urn should evoke feelings of love, fondness, and remembrance, providing a tangible symbol of the bond you shared with your ferret.

4 Things to Consider


Common options include ceramic, wood, glass and metal, each with unique characteristics. 


Selecting a box, jar or ferret-shaped urn should reflect your ferret’s personality and elicit cherished memories.


A picture of your ferret, engravings with your ferret’s image,  name, significant dates or a heartfelt message can make the urn even more meaningful and personalized. 


A wide range of options are available—from elaborate handpainted works of art to small and simple boxes.

By carefully considering these factors, you can choose a memorial urn that preserves your ferret’s ashes and serves as a lovely and fitting tribute to their memory.

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Why Does Your Ferret Bite? How to Stop Ferret Biting

Why Some Ferrets Bite and How to Stop Ferret Biting

how to stop ferret biting

Most ferrets are loving, playful, social animals. As with any pet, however, there are a few who seem to be biters. There is hope for the biter, however. Most aggressive ferrets can be turned into gentle pets if given the correct amount of training and patience. Read on for ways to stop ferret biting.

Ferrets can bite for many reasons–most are not due to aggressiveness. Before you address how to stop ferret biting, you need to identify the reason why your ferret is biting.

First of all, not all ferret bites should be considered attacks–most are not. Biting is sometimes the way a ferret tries to communicate. She may want to play and give you a nip to get your attention. If your ferret bites and holds on, or bites so hard that she draws blood, it is not a friendly nip. Both types of biting can be corrected.

Some reasons why a ferret may bite:

Baby ferrets

Young ferrets are natural nippers. They explore the world with their mouths and they also go through teething. If this is the case, it really should not be a concern, as they will grow out of it with a little training.


Ferrets need to be trained not to nip when they are young. Ferrets play hard with littermates and playmates. They need to have limits set so they know how hard they can play with you.

Sick or injured

If your ferret isn’t feeling well or is hurt she can’t tell you. She may be in pain and want to be left alone. If this is a sudden change in behavior, it may be the case. Be sure to have her checked by a vet.


Unneutered ferrets can be more aggressive than neutered ones. Hormones can cause a male ferret to assert his dominance over others–including you. The solution is to get him neutered.


Change, whether good or bad can be scary. A ferret in a strange situation or environment may be frightened and confused. When a ferret is under stress, she may bite. Give her time to adjust to the new situation, person or environment before you consider her biting a problem.

Displaced aggression

Some ferrets react aggressively to particular sounds, smells or objects. There may be no apparent reason–only your ferret knows why. With a little observation, you can identify what the smell, sound or object is. Common triggers are vacuum cleaners, brooms, loud music, and strong smells. You can keep your ferret away from the trigger–or at least keep her in her cage while doing household chores if this is the cause.

Trained to bite

If your ferret was cared for by someone else before you brought him into your home, he may have been inadvertently taught to bite. For example, if the person picked up the ferret and he nipped and then put him down to run around, the ferret may have associated nipping with getting the run of the house.


The main cause of ferret biting is mistrust. Your ferret may have had a bad experience with a person that traumatized him. Or, he may have been mistreated repeatedly. Ferrets can associate people with pain and react to protect themselves.

When you have identified the cause, you can address how to stop ferret biting.

There are right ways and wrong ways to teach your ferret not to bite. You will probably make the problem worse if you try any of the following:

  • Mist a bitter spray or another so-called deterrent in your ferret’s face
  • Flick her on her nose or head when she bites
  • Hit her
  • Put her in solitary confinement for long periods of time
  • Bite her back
  • Use her regular cage for a time-out

How to stop your ferret from biting

Depending on your ferret’s personality and past experiences, she may or may not respond to certain methods of reconditioning. There are several techniques you can try. Don’t give up on one tactic right away. It takes patience and consistency to stop ferret biting. However, if the biting gets worse after much consistency and patience, then you should probably move on to another method.

This list provides some obvious solutions and some more creative techniques. You may combine some of these tactics together, as well.

  • Neuter an unaltered male
  • Take your ferret to the vet to rule out any medical reasons
  • If you know your ferret reacts to a particular trigger, keep him away from it
  • If your ferret is young, visually or hearing impaired, take care not to startle her
  • Make sure your ferret is well fed with a proper diet
  • Spend more quality time with your ferret and get her more accustomed to being handled
  • Put a bitter spray  on your hands so they don’t taste good
  • Yell “NO!” or “STOP” very loudly when she bites
  • Say a firm “NO” or “STOP” and flip her on her back in a submissive position and hold her there for a few minutes when she bites
  • Give him a 15-20 minute “time-out” in a small cage (not his regular cage) with no toys, bed or food immediately after biting
  • Wrap him firmly in a towel and hold him or carry him around for 10-20 minutes and talk to him gently and pet his head
  • Immediately substitute a toy for your hand or whatever was bitten and allow him only to bite that
  • Add another ferret to your home as a playmate, so he has someone to play rough with

how to stop ferret biting

Remember if you want to stop a ferret from biting, you need to be consistent and firm, but gentle. Reward your ferret for good behavior. In time your ferret will learn to respond to kindness and gentleness with like behavior.

Your comments are welcome.

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Ferret Cages: How to Choose Your Ferret’s Home

Ferret Cages—Not Just a Cage, a Home

ferret cages

Choosing a home for your ferret depends on how much space you have and how much money you want to spend. Ferret cages range from simple one-level starter homes to multi-level townhouses with all the upgrades.

Remember, your ferret will spend a lot of time in his cage, so you want to make sure he is not only comfortable but has a stimulating environment. There is a huge difference between just getting a ferret cage to providing your ferret with a home he will be happy in.

Selecting the Proper Ferret Cage

Many pet cages are more than adequate for your ferret’s needs, but do you want to live in a house that is just adequate? Whatever type of accommodations you are considering for your ferret, there are a few things that are a must.

Ample Size: The minimum cage size should be no smaller than 3″wide x 2″ high x 2″deep. There should be enough space for a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and playroom. Like you, your ferret doesn’t want to eat in the bathroom or sleep in the kitchen.

Good Ventilation: All bathrooms need good ventilation. Since your ferret will be doing his business in his cage, it too needs good ventilation. Do not use aquariums or other enclosed housing.

Sturdy, Escape-Proof Design: Ferrets are escape artists. One of my ferrets, Toby, liked to try to break out of his cage. He would stand up, grab onto the bars of one of the doors and use all his strength to try to bend the bars to make his escape. The best types of ferret cages are those made of galvanized metal with vinyl-coated wire.  Ferret cages need strong wire with small openings between the wires and secure doors. Ferrets will try to push their heads through bars and use their heads to push doors open (or as with Toby, use their strength).

Easy Access: You need to be able to not only reach your ferret easily, you also need to be able to easily get to her food, water, bedding and of course–the litter box. If it’s a multi-level townhouse, you want to make sure it has an opening on the top level as well as the bottom level.

One Story or Multi-Level?

Although a single-level home is sufficient, it doesn’t provide much stimulation for an active ferret. Plus, multi-level cages offer more space for fun cage accessories. Your ferret will greatly appreciate the extra space and opportunity to climb up and down, crawl through a tube, sleep in a hammock or burrow in a tunnel if you equip his home with these entertaining accessories.

This unique corner cage is available here

ferret cage