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Hazardous Plants For Pets–These Plants Can Be Toxic

Hazardous Plants For Pets–These Plants Can Be Toxic

I have compiled a list of 57 hazardous plants for pets–Dogs, Cats, Ferrets…

Some of these plants can be toxic.

Some of these hazardous plants are indoor plants, others are outdoor plants. Many can grow indoors or out. Some of these plants are more harmful than others, and some can be toxic. Plants, such as Poinsettias and Firesticks secrete a liquid that can be toxic. Other plants, such as Philodendron and Devil’s Ivy, if eaten, can cause swelling and burning of the mouth and tongue as well as digestive issues, spasms, and even seizures. While some parts of these plants are often more hazardous than others, every part of some plants are toxic. With the Sago Palm, for example, every single part of the plant is poisonous—including the seeds, roots and leaves. Eating any part of the plant can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and in some cases, liver failure. Continue reading Hazardous Plants For Pets–These Plants Can Be Toxic

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Ferret Stuffed Animals–Find Your Favorite

Ferret Stuffed AnimalsFerret Stuffed Animals

Find Your Favorite

If you love ferrets, you probably love ferret-themed stuff. I know I do!

So if you want to cuddle with your ferret and your ferret isn’t a cuddler, here is the next best thing–ferret stuffed animals! I feel that you are never too old for stuffed animals! Plus, if you have a ferret or are a ferret lover, you don’t have to worry that someone might question why a grown woman or man has a stuffed animal. Everyone will think it’s normal because you love ferrets. Personally, I have quite a few ferret stuffed animals. Ok, more than a few!

Ferret stuffed animals are not something you see every day, unlike other pet stuffed animals –cats, dogs, bunnies… I have had many people ask me where I found my stuffed ferrets.  To help you find a ferret stuffed animal to call your own, I have compiled a diverse selection of ferret stuffed animals that should suit a variety of tastes.  There are black-footed ferrets, hand sculpted ferrets, ferret puppets and even ferrets with an online counterpart! Continue reading Ferret Stuffed Animals–Find Your Favorite

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Veterinary Pet Insurance For Ferrets

Updated December 19, 2018

Veterinary Pet Insurance–FOR FERRETSVeterinary Pet Insurance

You may have thought that veterinary pet insurance is only for cats and dogs. It’s true, most pet insurance is. But what about your ferret children?

Veterinary visits can be quite expensive and the bills can really add up. Plus, most vets require payment up front. It may not be much of a financial burden for your ferret’s routine visits, but what if she gets sick or hurt? What if there is an emergency or she needs surgery or treatment for a chronic condition? I have spent thousands of dollars in vet bills within a few years due to sick ferrets. Ferret parents need the financial assistance of pet insurance too. Too many ferret parents are faced with the decision of putting a ferret down due to costly vet bills.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. I have discovered that it is possible to get veterinary pet insurance for ferrets! And it doesn’t need to be cost prohibitive. This insurance is Pet Assure. Continue reading Veterinary Pet Insurance For Ferrets

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Trusted Pet Sitters–Trusted Housesitters Review

Trusted Pet Sitters–Trusted Housesitters Review

You want to take a vacation. But what about your pet?Trusted Pet Sitters--Trusted Housesitters Review

Some pets you may be able to take with you. But do you want to?

Some pets just are not suited for travel. Some pets you can’t easily put in a kennel.

And what if you have multiple pets? Boarding  2 dogs is doable, but the cost can really add up–you may pay more to board them each night than you are paying for your own hotel room! What if you have a dog, a cat and a bird? or a chicken and a goat? What if you have 3 ferrets? It can get a bit complicated and expensive.

I have discovered a unique pet sitting/house sitting service called Trusted Housesitters. It really should be Trusted Pet Sitters because in my opinion pets come first. If I am looking for a pet sitter to stay in my home, I will be looking for a pet sitter, not a house sitter, but that’s just me. I have done some research on Trusted Housesitters and I’d like to share it with you. Continue reading Trusted Pet Sitters–Trusted Housesitters Review