siera tobyWelcome to Ferret Lovers! My name is Sandra. I have been a ferret lover since 1984 when I saw a small, cute, furry creature at a local pet shop and brought him home. I named him Silky because of his soft, silky fur. At that time, ferrets were not well known and it was not as easy to get information about them. I knew nothing about ferrets when I got Silky. Since then I have learned a lot while enjoying the companionship of 8 more ferrets over the years.

I would like to provide a resource for others who are interested in learning about ferrets as well as for those already under the spell of these unique creatures.

Also, unlike other more common pets, ferret supplies and ferret themed merchandise and gifts are not always easy to find. I am always on the lookout for these items and when I find one I feel like-minded ferret lovers will enjoy, either for their ferret, themselves, or for a unique gift, I will offer it here.

I hope you will enjoy visiting Ferret Lovers–all things ferret!

This website is dedicated to all the ferrets I have known and loved:









Little Foot