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Entertain Your Ferret with Unusual Ferret Toys: Rumba For Ferrets

Ferret Toys--Rumba For FerretsFerret Toys-Rumba For Ferrets

Ferret Toys—Rumba For Ferrets

Did you know you can have your floors vacuumed and entertain your ferret at the same time?

Ferrets need a lot of attention and lots of different toys and fun experiences so they don’t get bored. As ferret parents, we are always on the lookout for new ferret toys and things we think our ferrets will have fun with while distracting them from having fun with our things (socks, slippers, pens, remotes…)

The problem is, ferrets have a short attention span. They may play with a toy for a little while or may just stash their toys in one of their favorite hiding places.

Some interactive toys or self-moving toys keep a ferret’s attention longer.  One of my ferrets loves her walking toy kitty She bounces at it as it moves until she knocks it over. I have to keep standing it up so it continues to walk and she continues to jump at it.

Another one of my ferrets loves to play with water, so she has a lot of fun with her Catit Flower Water Fountain.

These interactive ferret toys are great and many ferrets love to play with them. Some ferrets, however, play with a toy for a short period of time and then lose interest in it and never play with the toy again.

Many of us spoil our ferrets and although we may be disappointed that the newest ferret toys we brought home did not impress our fur babies, we are all too eager to try something else.  You can’t beat the joy of watching a ferret play–it never gets old!

Rumba For Ferrets—an Unusual Toy

Wouldn’t it be great if there was something that could be useful to us on a daily basis and serve as a unique and fun ferret toy?! Even if our ferrets got bored with the toy we would still have a valuable device!

Well, there is such a thing–a Rumba For Ferrets!

What is this Ferret Toy–Rumba For Ferrets? No, it’s not a new invention; Rumba For Ferrets is an existing product with a new, dual function! We can entertain our ferrets (and ourselves as we watch) while it vacuums our floors!

If you already have a Rumba (or similar robotic vacuum), you may have had the pleasure of experiencing this dual purpose. If not, why not give it a try. Most of us don’t really enjoy vacuuming and sometimes we may not do it as often as we should (guilty).  With the Rumba For Ferrets, you can vacuum every day while sitting back and enjoying the show!

Select your Rumba for Ferrets Here.

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12 thoughts on “Entertain Your Ferret with Unusual Ferret Toys: Rumba For Ferrets

  1. Hello Sandra,

    This is so cute! I know some cats like to ride on Rumbas but I hadn’t thought about ferrets doing that too! That seems like a brilliant way to keep them entertained.

    I guess there are similarities having cats and ferrets. Cats also get easily bored and you never know which toys they will like…so we keep trying more and more! I love your suggestion to get something useful so even when our pet is no longer interested, it still serves a purpose.

    How long will your ferrets ride around on the Rumba?

    1. Hi Jessica
      Yes, cats (especially kittens) and ferrets are a lot alike. They often like the same types of toys. Rumba for ferrets can also be Rumba for cats! If I’m not in need of a lot of vacuuming, I like to put the Rumba and a ferret together for short periods of time–maybe 5 minutes. Then the novelty doesn’t wear off so fast!

  2. I did not even know that you can have ferret as a pet! And I would not even think that Rumba could be so entertaining for these little animals! I wish my puppy was entertained so much with our Rumba 😀
    Can I borrow your ferret to entertain me during the evenings? I have 2 Rumbos, so he/she will not be bored 😉

    1. Hi Anna
      Ferrets are easily entertained (for short periods, anyway-they also get bored easily)! I’m sure my ferrets would love to play with your Rumba and your puppy!

  3. WOW! What a cleaver idea to vacuum the floor and enterain ferret at the same time.
    The problem with this is I would probably just sitting there watching the ferret to make sure it was ok.
    Anyway, great idea, thank you for sharing.

    1. Our entertainment is a plus!

  4. Thank you for this article on Rumba For Ferrets. I read somewhere that ferrets and cats have similar characteristics and you seem to be hinting to that here. But my question borders on using toys like these to stimulate cats too. Is it possible that cats will respond the same way ferrets respond to these toys? Thanks

    1. Thanks for stopping by and having an interest in Ferret Toys-Rumba For Ferrets (and cats)! As I replied to Jessica’s comment, cats (especially Kittens) are quite similar to ferrets in the kinds of toys they enjoy. Many cats do indeed ride around on Rumbas!

  5. I had no idea there were vacuums for Ferrets! Rumba for Ferrets. This is amazing. I will certainly be sharing this article with others. I have a friend who has been raising ferrets for years, and I don’t think she know’s about this valuable item.

    I agree with Moni’s comment a bit, we would need someone keeping an eagle eye out on the ferret to make sure they don’t hurt themselves, but that is Okay. I have to do the same thing for my cat all the time anyway. He is so accident prone!

    1. Hi Darcy
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! This ferret toy is a win-win. The Rumba For Ferrets is a fun toy for ferrets (and cats) and a useful cleaning appliance! Ferrets need lots of supervision–they are troublemakers!

  6. I never wanted a Rumba…..until now! Having the number of woozels we have, frequent vacuuming is a necessary evil. One interesting thing that comes to mind is how our babies go absolutely nuts over the normal vacuum cleaner. You would think the noise of a regular upright machine would scare them out of their wits, but…quite the opposite. They like to chase and attack it. I can only imagine the fun mine would have with the Rumba. Thanks for the tip!

    1. Hours of entertainment!

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