How to Train Your Ferret to Use a Litter Box

Ferrets and Litter Boxes

how to train a ferret to use litter box

Ferrets are naturally clean critters and should be trained to use a litter box. Teaching your ferret the purpose of the litter box is easy, getting him to use it consistently, for the intended purpose, is another matter. 

Just like house training a dog, litter training a ferret takes time, attention and patience.  These tips and steps will help make the process less frustrating.

5 Tips to Train Your Ferret to Use a Litter Box

1. Limit ferrets just learning to use a litter box to smaller cages and areas.

After he is fully litter box trained, he can be moved to a larger cage and larger free areas. As you expand the free area, add more litter boxes. Corners are best, as they are preferred bathroom locations. If there is a litter box near by, he is more likely to use it. If you pay attention, he will show you where he prefers his bathroom to be. Be sure to pick him up and put him in the litter box frequently until he goes. If he doesn’t, let him play a few minutes and try again.

2. Keep the litter box in the corner of the cage away from eating and sleeping areas.

Ferrets naturally prefer to back into their bathroom, and they generally select corners. Plus, they do not like to eat, sleep and do their business in the same area (who does?).

3. When you wake your ferret for play, immediately place her in her litter box.

Ferrets usually need to do their business as soon as they wake up. Do not let her out until she has finished.

4.  Until your ferret is consistently using the litter box for its intended purpose, do not keep it too clean.

You want your ferret to recognize what it is for.

5. If you catch your ferret backing into corner, immediately pick her up and say a firm “NO” and put her in her litter box until she goes.

Then give her lots of love and praise.

How to train your ferret to use a litter box

Now you know how to train your ferret to use a litter box, but there are a few things that you should not do as well.

  1. Never punish or hit your ferret for having an accident.
  2. Never rub his nose in it.
  3. Don’t offer him a food treat for going in his litter box–he will then learn to pretend!

Want more tips on litter training? I have also written articles on the best ferret litter and the best  litter boxes for ferrets.

8 thoughts on “How to Train Your Ferret to Use a Litter Box

  1. I really enjoyed this post on training ferret. Its interesting that ferrets even pretend to do stuff!

    1. I know. They are very smart and sneaky! That’s why I love them!

  2. That’s pretty interesting. Sounds like ferret training is a cross between how I house break puppies and kittens. Those ferrets are very cute. Are they loveable and playful like kittens?

    1. Yes, you are correct. Cats are much easier to litter train, though. Ferrets are a lot like kittens that never grow up–accept that even when they are young they sleep more than half of the time.

  3. That was a very informative post on ferrets. Really enjoyed it. Will be looking forward to your future posts as well.

  4. You have some great info on ferrets! I look forward to reading more.

  5. Thanks for you posts ladies~ I’m new here, I’ve been enjoying reading your posts. My new fur-baby ferret loves to hide his favorite toys, usually in one area of my bedroom. Yes they are very smart & so loving. I was surprised the other day, he went downstairs to hide a toy and I couldn’t find it! Later the “next day”, as he was playing, he went downstairs & retrieve that toy & came upstairs with it~ I was so surprised!! I’m loving him, been a week tomorrow, since he started his new life. He’s happy, loves the water too & learning every day, he’s a lot of fun. Keeping his cage clean at all times, may leave a bit of pee within the litter. Loves most of my kitty’s toys & gets along with him! He’s hilarious, i’m so happy I purchased him, as opposed to a dog~ It is so much easier to maintain~ With love, Rose

    1. Hi Rosane,
      Congrats on your new family member and thanks for your kind words!

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