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Ferret Cages: How to Choose Your Ferret’s Home

Ferret Cages—Not Just a Cage, a Home

ferret cages

Choosing a home for your ferret depends on how much space you have and how much money you want to spend. Ferret cages range from simple one-level starter homes to multi-level townhouses with all the upgrades.

Remember, your ferret will spend a lot of time in his cage, so you want to make sure he is not only comfortable but has a stimulating environment. There is a huge difference between just getting a ferret cage to providing your ferret with a home he will be happy in.

Selecting the Proper Ferret Cage

Many pet cages are more than adequate for your ferret’s needs, but do you want to live in a house that is just adequate? Whatever type of accommodations you are considering for your ferret, there are a few things that are a must.

Ample Size: The minimum cage size should be no smaller than 3″wide x 2″ high x 2″deep. There should be enough space for a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and playroom. Like you, your ferret doesn’t want to eat in the bathroom or sleep in the kitchen.

Good Ventilation: All bathrooms need good ventilation. Since your ferret will be doing his business in his cage, it too needs good ventilation. Do not use aquariums or other enclosed housing.

Sturdy, Escape-Proof Design: Ferrets are escape artists. One of my ferrets, Toby, liked to try to break out of his cage. He would stand up, grab onto the bars of one of the doors and use all his strength to try to bend the bars to make his escape. The best types of ferret cages are those made of galvanized metal with vinyl-coated wire.  Ferret cages need strong wire with small openings between the wires and secure doors. Ferrets will try to push their heads through bars and use their heads to push doors open (or as with Toby, use their strength).

Easy Access: You need to be able to not only reach your ferret easily, you also need to be able to easily get to her food, water, bedding and of course–the litter box. If it’s a multi-level townhouse, you want to make sure it has an opening on the top level as well as the bottom level.

One Story or Multi-Level?

Although a single-level home is sufficient, it doesn’t provide much stimulation for an active ferret. Plus, multi-level cages offer more space for fun cage accessories. Your ferret will greatly appreciate the extra space and opportunity to climb up and down, crawl through a tube, sleep in a hammock or burrow in a tunnel if you equip his home with these entertaining accessories.

This unique corner cage is available here

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Ferret In Cage Ferret Out of Cage—How Much Time Should a Ferret Spend In and Out of Cage?

How Much Time Should a Ferret Spend In and Out of Cage

Ferrets have a knack for making us feel guilty when we put them in their cage. One of my ferrets, Toby, was always trying to ” break out”. He would climb up to the top door, grab the bars in his paws and push and shake the door, trying to open it.

However, for their protection, ferrets should be kept in a ferret cage, enclosure, ferret-proof room or area when not being supervised. But how much time should a ferret spend in and out of cage?

A ferret’s cage not only acts as their home—a place he should feel comfortable in—it is also a place to keep him safe. There are endless dangers around your home—wires, appliances, cleaning supplies… It’s simply not safe to permit your ferret to roam free without supervision. Even if you think you have ferret-proofed your home, there is no limit to what a ferret can find to get into. For example, one time, two of my ferrets worked as a team to dig a hole in the bottom of my box spring. They decided it was a good place to store their toys. They could have easily got caught in the springs or otherwise trapped in there. When you are away from home or unable to keep an eye on your ferret, keep your ferret in his cage or other designated ferret living space. For information on suitable ferret enclosures, see ferret cages for more info. Continue reading Ferret In Cage Ferret Out of Cage—How Much Time Should a Ferret Spend In and Out of Cage?

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Midwest Critter Nation Animal Habitat with Stand- Double Unit Review

ferret in tiny cage

When deciding on a habitat for your ferret or ferrets, it’s important to consider several things. Remember, this will be your ferret’s home. You want to make sure she is comfortable and able to move around and play.

So, first you want to be sure the cage is large enough. Second, you want to be sure the cage is sturdy and secure so she won’t be able to get out. Third, you want the cage to have good ventilation. Fourth, you want to be able to easily access all areas of the cage for cleaning and to be able to reach your ferret.

Continue reading Midwest Critter Nation Animal Habitat with Stand- Double Unit Review