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The Secret to Getting Rid of Hidden Ferret Smell

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As a ferret parent, I know you are very familiar with the smell associated with ferrets. It’s a constant battle to keep the odors under control. Part of this problem is that the smell is often invisible—unlike the giant puddle on the floor left by dog urine. So if you can’t see it, how do you get rid of the hidden ferret smell?

Getting Rid of that Hidden Ferret Smell

Covering your nose or trying to cover up the smell isn’t the answer. A friend told me about her experience and determination to find and eliminate the hidden ferret smell in her home. Here’s her story: 

“As I entered my home, a faint, lingering scent tickled my nostrils, reminding me of the constant battle against that hidden ferret smell. Determined to track down the elusive source, I embarked on a mission.

Armed with a pet odor elimination kit, complete with a UV detection flashlight, I flicked it on and searched around the house. What a shock! The ordinarily invisible was now visible. The UV light revealed spots where accidents had occurred, their telltale glow exposing the truth. I thoroughly sprayed the odor eliminator on the spots. After a few applications, the odor dissipated, and the room came alive with a pleasant citrus scent.

It was like a game of hide-and-seek, the scent hiding and me determined to find it. Room after room, I diligently followed the UV light’s guidance, ensuring no odor went undetected. And one by one, I conquered each hidden odor, banishing them from my home.

With the effective pet odor eliminator and UV detector as my trusty allies, I reclaiming my home from the clutches of unwanted odors!”

What You Need

The Angry Orange Kit she used with UV detection technology is your secret weapon against ferret odors. Simply switch on the built-in UV light and watch as it illuminates any hidden traces of odor-causing substances. From invisible urine stains to tiny spots missed during regular cleaning, the UV light reveals them. Then, with the power of a potent odor-neutralizing formula, the pet odor eliminator eradicates the persistent ferret smells at their source, leaving behind a clean orange scent. Keep in mind, given the persistence of ferret odor, you may need to apply the solution several times to get the smell out completely.

Gone are the days of relying on temporary fixes or covering up unpleasant smells. Try the Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator Kit for your hidden ferret smells.

If you’d like more tips on getting rid of ferret odor, see The Key to Getting Rid of Ferret Smells

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