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Ferret Tunnels and Tubes–Best Options

Ferret Tunnels and Tubes

Best Options

Ferret Tunnels and Tubes

Ferrets love to play. They can make a toy out of anything. Ferrets love to burrow and will make a tunnel wherever they can. Put these two characteristics together and you have ferret tunnels and tube toys!

Ferrets never seem to tire of tunnels. They often chase one another in them, back out of them, and hide toys in them. I’m always amazed how they can almost fold themselves in half to turn around in a tube they can’t even stand up in!

There are so many ferret tunnels and tubes on the market. How do you decide which one to try? What are the best options? Well, that depends on what you want to do with it and where you plan to put it.

Some questions to ask yourself:

1. Am I going to leave it out all the time or bring it out for set play times?

2.Where do I want to put it?

  • On the floor?
  • In the cage?
  • Hanging from the wall or ceiling?

3.Do I want to be creative with it or use it as is?

4.How big do I want it?

5. Do I want it to be flexible or molded?

6.Do I want it to be expandable?

7.Do I want to be able to see through it?

8.Does it matter what color it is?

9.How much am I willing to spend?

If you can answer these questions, it will make it much easier to get an appropriate ferret tunnel for your needs.

To help you with your options, I am going to discuss three different types of ferret tubes and tunnels.

Flexible/Expandable Drain PipeFerret Tunnels and Tubes--Best Options

This option is not a typical ferret tube or tunnel. You won’t find it in a pet store or pet department. This black opaque flexible tube is a great economical choice if you don’t care about seeing your ferret running through it. Ferrets like dark tunnels, so he will probably love the ability to travel unseen!

This pipe is 4 inches in diameter and unfolds and expands from 2 to 25 ft. You can also get one that expands to 50 ft! It’s extremely durable. You can easily build your own configuration with a complete system of connectors, couplers and adapters that are available for this tubing.

Ferret Super Thru-WayFerret Tunnels and Tubes--Best Options

This transparent tunnel, made for ferrets, is 4 inches in diameter and 20 feet long. It’s flexible design allows you to twist it or loop it around objects. There are no connectors or attachments for it. This is a great choice if you want to be able to watch your ferret in the tunnel. It may not be durable enough for some ferrets that like to chew or play rough with another ferret in the tube, or those with long, sharp claws. It is compact enough to store when not in use.

Ferplast Ferret Tubesferret tunnel

This ferret tunnel comes in straight and curved shapes. They are transparent and hang from your wire ferret enclosure or shelf.  The wire chains and clips make it easy to change around where you place them so your ferret doesn’t get bored.

I hope this info helps you pick which ferret tunnel or tube is the best option for your ferret and your situation.

You can click on the links below to find out more and to purchase the products discussed.

Choose Yours Below

Kaytee FerretTrail Flex-E Fun-Nels

Ferret Tunnels and Tubes--Best Options

Super Thru-way

Flexible tube fun

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16 thoughts on “Ferret Tunnels and Tubes–Best Options

  1. I’ve always been curious about ferrets. At one time they were sort of the “it” pet to have although I never really known anybody who had one that I know of. Very interesting and informative article.

    1. Well, Horace they are more than the “it” pet to have, they are the 3rd most popular pet in the U.S.! If you want to learn more, I welcome you to read more of my articles!

  2. Hello
    I don’t have enough words to thank you for bringing this insightful, educational and interesting information. I do love Ferrets, but I never thought about creating playground for them. Only few people would think about this and provide the best information and product. Now, I am seriously thinking about getting one for my self

    1. I am happy you found the article interesting, Josi. If you are considering adding a ferret to your family, you may want to read some of my other articles. It’s best to be prepared and know what a ferret requires to be happy and healthy. If you have any questions, I am here to help!

  3. I was into ferrets and I used to wanted one as a pet. I didn’t know how to take care of it because I had no information about it. Your website helped me understand what ferrets like doing and what they like to eat. Do they eat seafood? Or they just pick what they want to eat?

    1. Thanks for visiting, Lorenzo! Some ferrets eat some types of fish. Some ferrets don’t like fish at all. They eat primarily animal protein. If you want more info on what ferrets eat, please see my article “What is the Best Ferret Food–Healthy of Not”.

  4. How come these are not available anymore? I bought some every year to add to the ones I already have, my ferrets love them but I cant find them ANYWHERE!

    1. Hi Ellen,
      Thanks for your question about ferret tubes and tunnels. I don’t know which particular one you are referring to, but I just checked and they are all available. Just click on the links under the pictures at the bottom of the article. Hope that helps!

  5. I was thinking about using some air duct tubing. The price is higher, but the reviews on line make me think it will be tougher than the Marshall thru-way I bought 3 years ago. Recent reviews are showing that newer tubes have a terrible smell and the 2 new boys I just adopted from the local ferret rescue I think will be a bit rougher on the tube than my smaller girls. I made a dig box with large pasta shells and I want to cut a whole in the bin and connect the tunnel to it. What are your thoughts?

    1. Hi Kim,
      Thanks for your question. Yes, air duct tubing could work. I would check to see what the diameter is. If it is too large, it won’t be a good tunnel for your ferrets.

      1. It’s supposed to be 4″ but I’ll double check. Amazon sometimes misses on descriptions. Thanks for responding!!

        1. Any time!

  6. FerreTrail Fun-nels Tube Maze is no longer available anywhere. I have been trying for days to get this but i cant. I noticed in your video, you have clear and blue tunnels attached to your wall, could you send me a link for that?

    1. Thanks for contacting me and for letting me know about the tube maze tunnels no longer being available, Carissa. I have looked for them and can’t find them anywhere either. What I found is available now is a different type of clear plastic tunnel that hang from a wire shelf or enclosure. I’ve updated the Ferret Tunnel post with them included. Hope these work for you!

  7. My fiancé and I have had wee meepers for 4 years. We just added two newbies to the business. We had a Marshall’s ferret tube for our original two (still have it) we recently bought a longer tube FULTON 4”X20’ ultra flex heavy duty pvc hose. We repurposed a dryer hose essentially. The new girl we got a few days ago seems to cough more in that tube. Do you have any information on if this PVC tube collects more dust/fur than the Marshalls ferret tube? I wonder if the tube gathering dust is what is causing her cough. Any insight would be great and much appreciated.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Steve,
      There may be something in the tube that your ferret is reacting to. I suggest rinsing it out. But since you just got her, she may be reacting to something else or may have a health issue and you happen to notice it more when she’s in the tube. I also suggest taking her to your vet for a check-up.

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