What’s the Best Ferret Litter?

Ferrets are Not Cats

Selecting the best ferret litter is not as easy as going to yobest ferret litterur local store and getting a bag of cheap cat litter.

Ferrets do not treat their litter boxes the same way cats do. Ferrets often view their litter pan as a sandbox. Some love to dig it, play in it and sleep in it. The litter you use for your ferret should be as dust-free as possible and very absorbent.

There are a few good options and then there are poor options when selecting the best ferret litter for your critter.

Clay Litter

Clay litter is cheap, abundant, available almost everywhere and is fairly absorbent. These characteristics make it very popular for cat parents and ferret parents. However, this litter is not recommended. Even the litters claiming to be 99% dust-free, still produce a lot of dust–even if it is less visible than it is with standard clay litter. Each time your ferret puts a paw in the litter, it stirs up the dust. Over time your ferret can develop respiratory problems if he inhales too much dust. Also, because this litter is so tiny, it can be thrown all over the place.  It can easily get stuck to ferret paws and other areas and be tracked all over the house.

Scoopable Litter

Also popular for the same reasons as regular clay litter, scoopable litter has excellent absorbency. The added benefit is that it can usually be flushed down the toilet. This feature makes it quite appealing. However, it too is very dusty. Plus, the consistency is like sand, making it easy to inhale and ingest. It too is easily stuck to ferrets and easily trailed throughout the house. Not a good choice for ferrets.

Corncob Litter

Some people consider this litter to be decorative and select it based on its appearance. It is very low dust. However, that’s about all it has going for it. It is light and airy and therefore is hard to stay put. Plus, it becomes moldy quickly. Mold can lead to respiratory disease.


If you subscribe to a newspaper, recycling it as litter can be an economical and environmentally friendly choice.It can be used flat or shredded. It has no dust and is absorbent. You will go through it pretty quickly, as it is usually only good for one use.

Pelleted Litters best ferret litter

The best ferret litter is pelleted litter. There are several options. Pelleted litter can be made of a variety of materials. Most are made from recycled newspaper or plant fibers. Some are made with wood chips. These litters are absorbent and some are even digestible, in case of accidental ingestion. Most varieties are low dust producers and free of perfumes.  One type to avoid is litter made with pine. The oil in pine is not healthy for ferrets. Because of its shape and size, it is less messy and not as easy for your ferret to fling everywhere!  This type of litter is the best type of litter for ferrets.

You can purchase pelleted litter by clicking here.

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