Are Ferrets Good Pets—for You?

Is a Ferret a Right for You?

Are Ferrets Good Pets?

Often when someone hears me talking about ferrets, they inquire if ferrets are good pets. The short answer is a definite yes, but there is more to this answer.

If you have thought about adding a ferret to your family, the real question is not as simple as “Are ferrets good pets? “The question is, “Is a ferret a good pet for me?”

Some Important Things to Consider

1. Are you willing and able to dedicate time daily to care for and interact with your ferret?

-Ferrets are curious and social animals and need plenty of interaction.

-Ferrets need to be trained to use a litter box.

-Ferrets need to be supervised when out of the cage to prevent them from getting lost or stuck in a small space (like in a closet or behind the refrigerator).

-Ferrets are clean animals and need to have their cage and litter boxes cleaned frequently.

-Ferrets also need general care such as baths, nail trimming and ear cleaning.

2. Are you willing and able to allocate adequate funds toward your ferret’s needs?

– A sizeable, comfortable enclosure complete with hammock, sleeping bag or other soft bed, toys, litter box, water bottle and food dish

-Quality ferret food and ferret-safe litter

-Regular visits to the veterinarian, including vaccinations

3. Do you have other pets or small children?

– Ferrets generally get along well with other pets and like to make friends; however, not all pets welcome this friendship. It is important to always introduce a new pet carefully and to supervise the interactions until it is deemed safe to leave them unattended.

-Ferrets and children generally make great playmates; however, children must be taught how to gently handle a ferret and not be too rough. Just like puppies and kittens, ferrets may nip and need to be taught not to.

4. Can you legally have a pet ferret in your country or state?

-Unfortunately, due to misinformation, it is illegal to have a pet ferret in California and Hawaii.

-There are restrictions in New York, Rhode Island, Washington, DC as well as Puerto Rico, Australia, Brazil and New Zealand. Hopefully, these states and countries will join the rest of the enlightened world soon and remove the ban.

Are Ferrets good pets?

You decide. Only you can consider if a ferret is a good pet for you.

I hope this information helps you. Ferrets are great pets, they’re adorable, playful and entertaining, but like cats, dogs and other pets, they are not the right pet for everyone.

52 thoughts on “Are Ferrets Good Pets—for You?

  1. Great site. I learned a lot about these little critters and I think they are so cute. Love it and I will return 🙂

    1. So glad you liked it! Thank you!

  2. Love it, my ferret is called sprocket..she’s a polecat. Ferrets are great pets but as you say they do need to be looked after properly. This is great information for anyone looking to get a ferret. Thanks

    1. You have a polecat! I have never seen one! How are they different than ferrets as pets?

  3. That is one cute pet. I definitely could see my fiancee absolutely loving to get one of these fluffy, cute, and cuddly balls of adorableness. I’m glad to see that my state (NC) is not on that list of states that don’t allow people to keep them as pets. Where would you actually go to get one?

    1. There are rescues, shelters, breeders and some pet shops carry them. I would recommend a rescue or shelter, to safe a life! If you really serious about adding one to your family and have questions, I’d be happy to help!

      1. hello I had 2 Ferrets Named Teke and Trouble I saved Teke from a abusive owner and Trouble i happened to bump in to someone that could not handle him , so i took him in. That was 30 years ago. They lived just about 8 years. I really would like to get 2 ferrets,would like to get 2 baby ferrets, I want to have that daddy bond with them. If you know were i could find 2 ferrets let me know PLEASE.I am from Farmington CT. email is

        1. Check out this article Hope it helps!

  4. Very informational post on ferrets. Seems ferrets can be very good pets. As I live in California, I can only think of having a ferret!

    1. Well if you are ever planning on moving out of state…

    2. They are lots of fun. BUT make sure you ferret proof your living space they like to explore .

      1. Definitely! And ferrets can squeeze into unbelievably small spaces!

  5. I love this site! It is super cute and informative! I think everyone wanted to get a ferret as a pet at some point, i know i have! Keep the cute pictures and information coming , i love it

    1. I am so happy you like it! Thanks!

  6. Hello Sara,
    I Love your posts, about Ferrets, its informative and they are just to cute and adorable… Great work !!!.

  7. I love your post about ferrets, The information on your post about ferrets is great and useful. They are so adorable and cute. Great work!!!

  8. So wow a Ferret pet lover, that very interesting. I couldn’t find where you are from? I am from the U.S. in Arizona so I could have a Ferret pet. I was wondering the cost if you compare having a Ferret as a pet or a dog or a cat.

    Are there any additional requirements you need to have since it is not a common house animal?

    Please let me know, thank you.


    1. Hi Ben. I’m also in the U.S. Of the 3 pets, cats are probably the least expensive. In general, dogs may be the most expensive. If you have a dog walker, doggy daycare, or monthly grooming (like for a poodle), the dog could cost a lot more. Ferrets do require specialized and suitable items such as a cage, cage hammocks and bedding, special food and litter, lots of toys… What they require the most of is time and attention. They need hours of daily attention and their cage requires a lot of cleaning. Ferrets, like all pets may need extensive vet care, which is a consideration. And actually, pet ferrets are much more common than you think!

      1. So true Teke was around 7 and she had heart issues. She had a couple prescriptions that were pretty costly. This was many moons ago. Point being Ferrets like any other pet need to be seen by a vet. For example, immunization shots things of that nature. I personally know from my experience there is a bit more work to having a Ferret as a pet than say a cat.

        1. Thanks for your comment, Stephen! Yes, adding a ferret(s) to your family is a commitment and unfortunately, ferrets are prone to many health issues.

  9. I’m not very familiar with ferret’s but your site is very interesting. I am a pet lover and am impressed for the passion you have for ferret’s. great information!

    1. Thanks, Justin. I love to see fellow pet lovers(of all kinds)visiting.

  10. What a great site. I didn’t know anything about ferret’s or how popular they are. What a shame California isn’t one of the more enlightened states, they sound like they make terrific pets…..yes another pet lover. 🙂

    1. Thanks, David. We have been waiting way too long for California to accept the fact that ferrets are domestic pets–not dangerous wild animals!

  11. It is still possible to have a pet ferrets if you keep larger animals like cats, dogs, larger lizards and macaw sized parrots but they can be quite rough with children and frail animals like rabbit, hedgehog, medium to smaller parrots.

    1. Ferrets generally get along with other pets. However,every animal has it’s own personality–cat, dog, reptile, bird, ferret…people. Ferrets and rabbits or hamsters, for instance may not work due to a ferrets hunting instincts. If you want to learn more about cats or dogs and ferrets and how to go about introducing them, I have written an article on both…ong-with-ferrets

  12. Not so sure about ferrts but I maybe planning to keep fennec fox in the future. I do think that Ferret toys can work for Fennec Fox.

    1. Hi Arthur, fennec foxes are adorable! I don’t know a lot about them, so I don’t know if they like ferret toys.

  13. Great post! I didn’t know much about ferrets before this and they seem like cute little guys. Anyone willing to care for and love a pet should consider a ferret since they seem obedient and playful. When did you own your first ferret?

    1. Thanks, Ryan! I wouldn’t say ferrets are “obedient” per say, but they are very playful and love show lots of affection and love. I got my first ferret about 25 years ago and fell in love with them!

  14. hii,you really care and know about this pets as I can see from your site.I want to buy a pet for my grandma as a new year present but she doesn’t like dogs and cats and I don’t know any other pets to buy for her.Now that I read your post about ferrets.I think they are cute but do you think it’ll be a nice companion for a 76yr old grandma?

    1. Hi Buny,
      Ferrets are great pets, but if your grandma is unfamiliar with ferrets, I would not recommend you go out and get her one. I would suggest first that you show her some pictures, articles and videos first. Then if she is interested in them, if you know someone who has a ferret, you could introduce your grandma to him or her to see if she could see herself caring for a ferret. If you have a shelter or ferret rescue near you, you could contact them and go from there. But, the important thing is to make sure your grandma knows what is required to properly care for a ferret and that she is willing to commit the time and money required. Let me know if you have any questions I can help you with. These articles may be of help to you : Ferret Care Tips

  15. Thank you Sandra for taking so much time to fill us all in on
    your wonderful pet ferrets…we really love pets (my Jeanne and I)!
    We just had our pet doggie, and cattie pass on us, they gave us
    so many enjoyable years ! We also had a squirrel for a pet, which
    our children found injured… after nursing her back to health again ,
    she became a wonderful pet ! So after awhile we decided to build
    her, her very own space, where she could make her very own tunnels,
    and hiding places, so she had a ball building her very own domain !
    But then after awhile she began to grow a little strange on us. She
    began to get a little independent to a point where we or our children
    could not go close to her domain at all. The enclosure just did something
    to her, so we had to allow her to go back to the wild. I prob. would think
    that to cage a ferret this same thing would prob happen as well ! Just had to
    share this with you Sandra…yes keep your little friend close to you and
    I know you will always have a fateful and loving friend !!

    1. Thanks for sharing your story. However, unlike squirrels, ferrets are not wild, they are domestic pets like dogs and cats. But no animal wants to spend all day in a cage. Ferrets are very social and need lots of interaction, love and attention. I invite you to read some of my other posts, such as Ferret Facts for Kids and Adults–An Intro, to learn more about ferrets, if you are interested.

  16. I’ve often wondered how my two dogs would interact with a ferret… I suppose it goes with anything, it would take some time but with the proper introduction I don’t see why they couldn’t work it out. Great site… love ferrets!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Jen. If you are interested in learning about dogs and ferrets, see this article

  17. My kids have been asking for a ferret! I didn’t think there would be laws regarding whether or not you can have one depending on where you live. I’m pretty sure I can have them where I am, because I know so many people living near me that do, but I’ll be sure to double check my local laws. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Angela
      If you are thinking of getting a ferret for your kids, please visit Ferret Lovers for info and tips.It’s important to know what the nutritional requirements are for ferrets as well as what is involved in having a ferret in your family. There are many ferrets at rescues and shelters that need good homes. Depending on where you live, you may want to look into adopting/rescuing a ferret. You can find more info here.

  18. I love your site. I learned a lot about having a ferret as a pet. I am an animal lover and own 2 chihuahuas. Before reading your site, I had a preconceived idea that ferrets were very dirty animals to keep. I am glad to hear that they are not.

    1. Hi Andrew,
      I am glad I changed your opinion about ferrets!

  19. Nice article!…As you rightly said, its not about whether ferrets are good or not, but whether they are good for you. I really enjoyed the read.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Dela. I’m happy you enjoyed reading Are Ferrets Good Pets.

  20. Sandra, my name is Terry & I Had at least 5 ferrets that O can remember, loved them all! They’re so adorable & comical.I lived in Az.while I had all of my ferrets
    Gteat info you shared about them.

    1. Hi Terry,
      Thank you for your kind comments! Are you thinking of getting another ferret?

  21. Can someone let us know about the smell? That’s our only concern about getting a ferret for our family.

    1. Hi Karen,
      Ferrets do have a natural musky order. Neutered and spayed ferrets less so. Also, you can have their scent glands removed, which also helps a lot. But even so, they will have some musky order. I have written an article about getting rid of ferret smells.. I invite you to read it for detailed info.

  22. I always thought ferrets are cute and would make a great pet. I didn’t know that in a few states, they are not allowed as pets. I am curious why this is the case? I have two small dogs that get along well with any other pets, so I am thinking this would work out? How can I try this first before actually having a ferret?

    1. Thanks for your questions. Ferrets are not allowed as pets in a few states due to a belief in misinformation. Some people think ferrets are wild animals–no matter how much info is presented to the contrary. This is sad and frustrating. As to ferrets and dogs, just as each dog has a unique personality, each ferret has a unique personality. If you are considering adding a ferret to your family, I invite you to read Do ferrets get along with dogs

  23. Alright, all you ferret lovers, please help me…..I know absolutely nothing about these adorable creatures. I was hanging my Xmas lights the other day and one came up to me and screamed please help me and feed me so I did. I brought it in the house, warmed him up, gave him some cat food, which it seemed to enjoy…he seemed very loving, very scared and very cold( as I live in New Jersey) . So for a couple of days it has been hibernating ( for lack of a better word) and sleeping, but crawls into bed with me nightly… so I read on line it is strictly carnivores, I brought home all kind of meat stuff…he won’t eat it…. am I doing.something wrong? Should I do the soup thing?

    1. Hi Catherine,
      Thanks for reaching out. The poor little thing must have gotten out of his home. You are his savior. He would not make it long outdoors. He sounds adorable! Please be sure to feed him
      a diet high in protein and avoid carbs! You could try duck soup or a quality protein baby food. I recommend you look through the articles on Ferret Lovers. Here are some articles that may help:

      Hope this helps!

  24. Hey my ferret is due on her shots but am scared because it’s pretty cold outside should I wait she just around her other ferret have there own room.wait until gets warmer outside don’t want her sick

    1. Hi Nicole,
      Sorry for the delay, I must have missed your question.
      Heat is more dangerous to ferrets than cold. But if you and your pets are not around any other animals, it may be ok to wait. Personally, I always take mine to get their shots when they are due. Putting your ferret in a soft carrier with lots of blankets for her to snuggle in and of course having the heat on in the car should keep her warm.

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