Best Ferret Litter Box

Best Ferret Litter Box

Buying a litter box seems like an easy task–just pick up one of those all purpose rectangle cat boxes and you are all set–right? Wrong!best ferret litter box

Well, you could do that, but you probably won’t be happy with the results. There are several things to consider when deciding on the right litter box. What may be the best for one person (or ferret) may not be the best for another.

Size of Cage

You want to make sure the litter box fits in the cage and doesn’t take up too much room. You also need to consider the size of the door or opening to the cage. You want to make sure the litter box can fit in and out of the cage easily without having to maneuver  it too much or turn it on its side to get it in and out.

Number of Boxes

How many litter boxes do you need?

If you have a large cage with ample floor space, you may want to place two litter boxes in the cage. Also, if your ferret is going to have the run of the house, or part of it, you may want at least one litter box outside the cage. If the only litter box is in the cage and your ferret is at the other end of the hall, she may not want to go back to her cage and just make her own bathroom. Some ferrets need a litter box in every room, while others willingly return to their cage to use the litter pan.

If you have more than one ferret, you will probably want more than one litter box.

Size, Age, Health and Habits of Your Ferret

The best ferret litter box for a small, petite ferret, a big daddy ferret, a sick ferret and an older ferret may be quite different.

An older or sick ferret may need a litter box that is easy to get in and out of.

A big boy may need a larger area than a small girl.

A ferret that almost does a handstand when doing his business needs a particular style.

A ferret that loves to move things around in his cage needs needs a special feature.

After you have thought about these considerations, then it’s time to look at your options. There are so many different litter pans, it would take hours to look at them all (I have put in hours doing research for you). So I have narrowed it down to the best ferret litter box for several different scenarios.

The Best Ferret Litter Box

Low Step In for inside or outside cagebest ferret litter box

Best for ferrets that are older or sick and need an easy entry.

Large Corner for outside cagebest ferret litter box

Best for big ferrets and multiple ferrets.

Corner design takes up less space.

Clip on for inside cage

Best for ferrets that back up high!best ferret litter box

Clips on and off cage bars quickly and easily.

Lock On for inside cagebest ferret litter box

Best for ferrets that like to move their bathroom around!
Also for ferrets needing easy entry to litter box.

Has it All

Best for ferrets determined to move their litter box.

Read my review here.

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