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The Key to Getting Rid of Ferret Smells

As ferret parents, we all know ferrets smell. While some people don’t mind the musky odor, and a few actually like it, most of us could do without it. This characteristic of ferrets, unfortunately, leads to many ferrets being left in cages or in need of a new home.

As ferret lovers, we try to keep the odor under control but accept it as being inevitable with having a ferret or ferrets as part of the family.

If you are willing to put forth the effort (which is not as much as you may think), you can be surprisingly successful at getting rid of ferret smells. The key is to attack odor at all the sources with the appropriate methods and products.

The Key to Getting rid of ferret smells is getting rid of ferret smells everywhere. The more areas and sources of odor you treat on a regular basis, the less odor there will be. If one area smells like a ferret, it will transfer to other areas.

Getting Rid of Ferret Smells

Step 1

The first step is to treat the source of the ferret smell—the ferret! Since ferrets should not be bathed frequently, this can pose a problem. However, there is a solution. This solution has 3 parts: Ferret Waste Odor Eliminator, Ferret Odor Eliminating Shampoo, and Ferret Odor Eliminating Coat Spritz.

Ferret Waste Odor Eliminator 

ferretlover.comMarshall Pet GoodBye Natural Waste Deodorizer is an effective odor eliminator that you put in your ferret’s water. It’s made with natural ingredients and internally deodorizes a ferret’s waste, urine and body odors.

Ferret Odor Eliminating Shampoo

8 In 1 Ferretsheen 2-in-1 Deodorizing Shampoo uses micro-encapsulated enzymes to destroy ferret odors. It has aloe vera and jojoba oil that leaves your ferret’s coat shiny and healthy.

Ferret Odor Eliminating Coat Spritz

Marshall Ferret 8-Ounce Daily Spritz helps control odors while enhancing the ferret’s coat color and appearance with a blend of conditioners, aloe vera, odor modifiers and neutralizers. 

Getting Rid of Ferret Smells

Step 2

The second step to getting rid of ferret smells is to get rid of odors in the cage, bedding, toys and anything else your ferret comes in contact with. Cleaning and deodorizing the cage and litter box frequently with an effective Cage Cleaner is essential. But cleaning and deodorizing ferret bedding and toys (especially anything made of fabric) is equally important in getting rid of ferret smells. Using an effective laundry additive and spot cleaner frequently can make a big difference.

I change my ferrets’ bedding and fabric toys once a week. I wash them in lingerie bags in the washing machine. I first turn them inside out and spray them with the spot cleaner. If I can’t turn them inside out, I apply the spot cleaner wherever it will reach. I do this right away—even if I am not going to wash them until days or weeks later. When I wash them, I add the  laundry additive to the washing machine with the laundry detergent. Before putting them in the dryer (on low) I check to make sure there is no residual odor. If there is, I wash them again–using the same procedure. If you put them in the dryer with odors–they will likely be set in.  If this happens, I discard the bedding or toy and get new ones.

Cage Cleaner

Kaytee Clean Cage Safe Deodorizer is a non-toxic cage cleaner and deodorizer that contains a unique combination of environmentally safe cleansing agents plus odor control properties to safely clean your ferret’s cage, accessories and non-fabric toys.

Bedding and Fabric Toy Laundry Additive

Nature’s Miracle Laundry Boost is a laundry additive and pre-treatment for stain and odor removal. Bio-enzymes work on tough ferret stains and odors while odor-locking technology works to permanently remove odor.

Spot Cleaner for Bedding and Fabric Toys

Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator is a professional-strength bio-enzymatic stain and odor remover that releases active bacteria that feed on organic material. It gets out stains; plus, it eliminates the odor deep down within the fabric.

The third step in getting rid of ferret smells is to treat any areas, such as carpet and furniture, that have odors and can’t be washed in the washing machine. Using an effective Spot Cleaner on these areas addresses these odors. Be sure to treat any area that your ferret has accidentally used as a litter box n the past.

Spot Cleaner for Carpet and Upholstery

The Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator is an effective stain and odor remover for carpets and upholstery too. Because it eliminates the odor deep down within carpets and fabrics, it can discourage a ferret from using the same spot on the carpet as a litter box.

As with all products, make sure to follow the directions on the package and test carpet and upholstery before treating.

Using the methods and products described here, you can be surprisingly successful at effectively getting rid of ferret smells. But you must be diligent. There are no shortcuts to getting rid of ferret smells!

Start getting rid of ferret smells today—Click on the product links to buy them at great prices!

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12 thoughts on “The Key to Getting Rid of Ferret Smells

  1. Great information on getting rid of ferret smells! I will be sure to pass it on to my friends that have Ferrets! 🙂

    1. Hi Will,
      Thanks for passing the info along!

  2. Hi Sandra,
    Thanks for providing such a great list of products to deal with this problem of getting rid of ferret smells. Personally I can’t stand walking into someone’s house and smelling pets. You have also provided awesome tips to deal with their water and bedding. Really well done!

    1. Thanks, Peter. Getting rid of ferret smells can be a challenge. I love pets of all sorts–but I don’t want to smell them either!

  3. I did not know anything about ferrets before reading your post – they do look cute. I am not sure how they smell but I have a quick question, how often have you had to get rid of bedding because you couldn’t get rid of the smell? Do both female and male smell alike?

    1. Reading about ferret smells is not a good into to ferrets, Udoh (LOL)! If you are interested in learning more about ferrets other than how to get rid of ferret smells, I invite you to check out Ferret Facts and Interesting Facts About Ferrets. To answer your questions, male ferrets can have a stronger musky scent. Before learning about how to get rid of ferret smells, as explained in this article, I thought I would just have to accept the residual odor. When I figured out what needed to be done to get rid of the ferret smells, I tossed out about 15 various sleep sacks, hammocks and fuzzy toys that had the odor trapped in and replaced them. I have only had to get rid of a few since using the steps I have shared with you!

  4. Love this!! So I admit that I have always been afraid to get a ferret because of their “smelly” reputation… which I have always HATED because I adore them. I had no idea there were all these products out on the market for this. This definitely makes me reconsider… thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Hi Jen,
      I am so happy that you are now considering getting a ferret after learning the key to getting rid of ferret smells!

  5. Great read takes me back to my childhood. my parents next door neighbour had ferrets, I remember the smell well ! lol he used to clean there teeth and bath them.
    Thanks for bringing back some good memory’s for me. I will keep reading with many more memorys to come I think ?

    1. Hi Paul,
      I’m happy I could bring back fond memories for you! Your neighbor was doing the right thing by brushing his ferret’s teeth. Bathing a ferret should not be done too frequently–it can actually lead to them smelling more!

  6. My granddaughter just got a ferret as a birthday gift . Not knowing anything about taking care of them other than feed water and play with them. She was told very little about them other than they nip when playing. and need kitty litter. You page here will help her a lot and save her a lot of headache from her mom telling her to clean her room it stinks…. I do have on question. I used to breed poodles and chihuahua . To clean the bedding and area I used White vinegar. 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water. Is that ok to use in the cage for them? I am so leery about too many chemicals. I prefer more natural.

    1. Thanks for your kind words and question. I have not heard of vinegar and water being unhealthy to clean ferret bedding and cage, but it probably won’t be effective and leave a strong vinegar odor. Ferret odor is particularly challenging to deal with. If you do decide to try it, be sure to keep the ferret away from the cage, bedding, or whatever your grandaughter cleans with vinegar until the odor has completely dissipated. Ferrets can have respiratory issues from fumes This is a good practice for any cleaning agents. I hope your granddaughter will visit often to learn important tips on keeping her ferret healthy and happy.

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