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Ferret Cage Accessories—Fun and Practical

ferret cage accessories

There are a lot of different options for accessories for your ferret’s cage. Some are necessary and practical and some are fun additions. The type you choose depends primarily on the type of cage you have–number of levels, size and configuration of any shelves you may have. Ferret Cage Accessories–Fun and Practical

If you don’t have a ferret cage yet, you can check out my recommendations in this article.

Ferret Cage Accessories—Beds and HammocksFerret Cage Accessories

Ferrets are so energetic and playful when they are awake! But, they need their sleep to recharge. Ferrets may sleep a total of 15 hours a day–often 3-4 hours at a time. 

Ferrets are happiest with two types of beds: sleeping sacks and hammocks.

Some prefer one type over another, but both are recommended in order for your ferret to properly regulate her body temperature. Ferrets are very sensitive to heat. If they are warm, they can snooze comfortably in a hammock. If they are chilly, they can snuggle up in a sleep sack to keep warm.

Sleep sacks are typically cloth bags with fleece lining. Some sit on the floor or shelf of the cage and some hang. They come in various sizes and colors. Depending on how many ferrets you have, you can select a size that will suit them. There are also unlined versions for the warmer months and climates.  

I prefer the hanging sleep sacks because they can be attached to the cage. I often put one on a cage shelf and attach it to the cage instead of hanging it. When I use one that doesn’t hang, I use a large binder clip and clip it to the cage so it doesn’t slide around.

I wouldn’t recommend placing a sleep sack on the floor of the cage if you have the litter box there unless you have a one-level cage.  The floor can get messy and you will need to wash the bed more frequently.

Hammocks are designed to be suspended from the cage. Hammocks are great because they add more usable space to a ferret’s cage. They also can be strategically hung to provide access to a higher level without the need of ramps or additional shelves. Hammocks may be lined with fleece or other soft material or unlined. There are several sizes available to accommodate one or more ferrets and many color options.

I have about 10 different hammocks and sleep sacks for my ferrets. I enjoy coming up with different combinations and configurations for them to explore. Each time I change their bedding, they immediately investigate. It keeps them from getting bored.

It is important to keep the bedding clean and in good condition. I wash my ferrets’ bedding once a week and replace them when they get worn or torn.

You can check out different bedding options here and select the ones that will work best for your ferrets and their cage.

Ferret Cage Accessories—Litter BoxesFerret Cage Accessories

Of course, you will need a litter box in your ferret’s cage. Choosing the right one for your ferret is important.

There are many different types suitable for a ferret’s cage. The types I recommend are: Low Step-In, Large Corner, Clip-On and Lock-On.

Each type has its own advantages. Selecting a suitable one will depend on the type of cage you have and the characteristics and habits of your ferret.

Most of my ferrets have been obsessed with moving the litter box away from the corner of the cage. Because of this, the clip-on and lock-on litter boxes work the best for me.

See this article to find out more on how to select a ferret litter box for your ferrets.

Ferret Cage Accessories—Litter

Just as important as the type of litter box you put in your ferret’s cage, is the type of litter you put in the litter box.

Some types of litter are very unhealthy for ferrets and can cause several health issues. Other types of litter may be fine for ferrets, but are not too effective. Clay litter should be strictly avoided.

For the best types of ferret litter, see this article.

Ferret Cage Accessories—Water Bottle

It is important to make sure your ferret has access to fresh, clean water at all times.

Cage water bottles are the most convenient and practical way to provide water for your ferret. There are several types and sizes of cage water bottles. You should select one that will hold enough fresh water for a few days. Don’t make the mistake of thinking a large one that will hold enough water for a week or more is more convenient. Your ferrets should have fresh clean water. It should not be left sitting in the bottle more than a day or two. Changing the water daily is best. It is also important to clean the water bottle every few days. Bacteria can build up in the bottle and the nozzle.

You can also use a dish to hold water. But, many ferrets love to play with or in water. My ferrets can’t resist playing with water. I tried a fairly large, heavy ceramic bowl for their water, but it was no match for the determination of a ferret. They especially enjoyed pushing the bowl around and sloshing the water everywhere. When they got it to a corner, they would work to flip it over so any remaining water would be dumped out.

If you do want to use a bowl, there are bowls that attach to the bars of the cage. At least the bowl won’t be tipped over.

You can check out different styles here.

Ferret Cage Accessories–Food Dish

There are numerous types of dishes that can be used for ferret food. As with water bowls, it is important to know if your ferret likes to play with his bowl.

You want to make sure your ferret can’t chew through the bowl. The type of bowls that attach to the cage or heavy ceramic bowls work the best. These types of bowls stay in place better than lightweight bowls that your ferret can flip over and make a mess with.

You can find suitable bowls here.

Ferret Cage Accessories–Tubes and TunnelsFerret Cage Accessories

Tubes and tunnels can be practical cage accessories and are fun for ferrets.

Ferrets love going in tubes and tunnels. Putting one or more in your ferret’s cage can provide entertainment for your ferret while she is in her cage. I have several tubes in my ferrets’ cage. One connects to another shelf and provides easy access from one level to another. Another is attached horizontally and leads to a hanging hammock. My ferrets prefer using the tubes to using a ramp or climbing up and down the cage bars.

Some cages have shelves that accommodate various tubes. You can also hang or attach various tubes and tunnels to your ferret’s cage. For some ideas, see this article.

Ferret Cage Accessories—Fun and Practical

Some cage accessories are necessary and practical, and some are just plain fun! Taking your ferret’s personality and characteristics into consideration will help you select the best ferret cage accessories for your ferret.

Click on the links above for more information and recommendations for the ferret cage accessories discussed.

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8 thoughts on “Ferret Cage Accessories—Fun and Practical

  1. Oh my goodness, I have always wanted a ferret and reading your post makes me want one even more. Can you have more than one ferret per enclosure? How do they get along with dogs? Thank you.

    1. Thanks, Misty!
      Yes you can have multiple ferrets in one cage–as long it is big enough. I have written an article on cages and also
      on ferrets and dogs “Do Ferrets Get Along With Dogs? Do Dogs Get Along With Ferrets?”
      Hope you find these articles helpful.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions Sandra. There are many things to consider when having a ferret as a pet. All the info was pretty easy to read and understand in an organized format.
    Keep it up!

    1. I’m glad you liked the ferret cage accessories suggestions, Seth!

  3. Wow, some great tips and suggestions here Sandra, you love your Ferrets 🙂
    You learn something new everyday…it never occurred to me that Ferrets liked toys and stuff but then I don’t know a lot about them. I shall read more of your website.


    1. Thanks for reading my article on ferret cage accessories. Ferrets love to play–it’s what they live for!

  4. Where did you get all the tubes at?

    1. Thanks for your question. You can find many different ferret tube and tunnel options. Here’s a resource:

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