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Interesting Facts About Ferrets You May Not Know

Facts About FerretsInteresting Facts About Ferrets You May Not Know

Ferrets are fascinating creatures. They are a one-of-a-kind pet that are sure to bring a smile and a chuckle to anyone who has the privilege to watch them in action. They also have some unique characteristics.

  1. Ferrets have flexible rib cages, allowing them to flatten out their bodies and squeeze through small spaces.
  2. In recent times, ferrets have been used to carry cables through small tunnels and pipes. 
  3. It is estimated that there are 5-7 million ferrets in the U.S.
  4. Male ferrets are called Hobs and female ferrets are called Jills.
  5. Neutered male ferrets are called Gibs
  6. Vasectomised males are Hoblets
  7. Spayed females are “Sprites”
  8. Jills are usually neutered when they are about 6 months old to avoid a life-threatening infection that frequently occurs if they are not bread when in season
  9. Hobs are usually neutered to reduce odor.
  10. A ferret’s heart rate is 180 – 250 bpm, with 225 being average.
  11. A ferret’s respiration is 33-36 per minute.
  12. A ferret’s normal temperature is between 100 – 104, with 101.9 being average.
  13. Ferrets have 14 or 15 pairs of ribs.
  14. A ferret’s left lung has 2 lobes, while the right has 4.
  15. Ferrets lack a cecum to digest/ process fruits and vegetables.
  16. A kit has 30 baby teeth, while an adult has 34.
  17. The gestation period for ferrets is 40-44 days.
  18. Newborn kits weigh approximately 1 oz. and reach 1.5 – 4 pounds when adults.
  19. The average litter is 6-8 kits.
  20. A small ferret club in Maryland became The American Ferret Association in 1991–a national organization. 
  21. The American Ferret Association holds a number of championship ferret shows across the U.S. every year.
  22. April 2nd is National Ferret Day in the U.S.
  23. May 5th is National Ferret Day in the U.K.
  24. It is illegal in some states to have a pet ferret, such as California and Hawaii
  25. There are restrictions to having a ferret as a pet in some states and countries, such as Washington D.C., New York, Puerto Rico,  Australia and New Zealand.

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4 thoughts on “Interesting Facts About Ferrets You May Not Know

  1. Ferrets are so cute! I see them once in a wail here in the wild, but don’t have much knowledge about them. So thanks for a very good list with quick facts to learn a bit about them in a easy way 🙂

    1. Hi Marika,
      Thanks for visiting Ferret Lovers–All Things Ferret! What you may have seen in the wild are polecats, weasels or martins. Pet ferrets are domestic and cannot survive on their own.

  2. Hello Sandra ! If you asked me how much ferrets there was is U.S. 5-7 million would have never crossed my mind !! that’s a lot I wonder where they hide lol. Thanks for this article I have learned quite a few new words and I just learned that there is a nationnal ferret day. I wish we could have a holiday for this day in Canada haha !! I still find it wierd that in some state it’s illegal to have a ferrets I mean they surely aren’t dangerous..

    I wonder how much does a ferret cost approximately ?

    1. I’m glad you learned some interesting facts about ferrets. Yes, in some states and countries it is still illegal to own a ferret. This is based on misinformation. As to how much a ferret costs, just like any other pet, it depends on where you get it. There are many ferrets that need a loving home. You get get more info about where to get a ferret in this article

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