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Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain Review—For Ferrets

Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain Review--For Ferrets

Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain Review

Does your ferret like to play in his water bowl?

The Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain may be a fun and less messy way for your ferret to play in the water!

The Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain is praised by cat parents as a great product at a great price. But what about ferrets? Ferrets and cats (or kittens more specifically) have a lot in common when it comes to playing. Although neither ferrets nor cats generally enjoy baths, many like to play with water in their own way.

The main purpose of the Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain for cats is to have a fountain of fresh water to drink from.  However, the main purpose of this water fountain, for ferrets, is to have a fun, interactive water toy!

Accessories for More Fun

This ferret water fountain toy has three water flow settings, so your ferret can have a variety of exciting experiences.

  1. When plugged in without accessories, the fountain provides gently flowing water.  
  2. Inserting the flower accessory creates long streams of water.
  3. Adding the flower cap tones down the bubbling water on the top.

Plus, this ferret water toy is compact, portable and quiet.

Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain Review—Specifics

Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain Review--For Ferrets

Price:  Approximately $30

Size:  8.3” diameter x 7.3”

Weight:  Approximately 2 pounds

Capacity:  100 fl oz. (3 liters)

Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain Review—Pros

  1. Can be used as a water toy and a drinking fountain
  2. Multiple ferrets can play at the same time
  3. Compact– takes up little floor space
  4. Uses plain tap water
  5. 3 different water flow settings increase entertainment value
  6. Quiet operation
  7. Small energy-efficient pump
  8. Lightweight and portable
  9. The flower accessory is easy to add to and remove from the fountain
  10. Easy to disassemble and clean
  11. Continuous filtration and opaque reservoir keeps water fresh longer
  12. Triple action activated carbon filter removes magnesium, calcium, chlorine odors and bacteria from tap water
  13. Filter removes and retains fur, sediment and debris
  14. Replacement filters available
  15. Fun design
  16. Good value
  17. Extra bonus: packaging toy
    The Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain packaging is designed with a printed pattern that can be turned into a ferret toy with just a few cuts
  18. Cats love it too

Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain Review–Cons

  1. Need to keep fountain full to prevent ferret from tipping it over
  2. Opaque container makes it hard to tell how much water is in it
  3. Can be messy if ferret splashes around a lot

 Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain Summary for Ferrets

Although the Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain was made with the intention of being a water fountain for cats, it can be an exciting water toy for ferrets! If you are looking for an interactive toy or new experience for your ferret, especially if your ferret likes to play with water, the Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain may just be your ferret’s new favorite toy!

You can buy it HERE

Let me know what your ferret thinks of the Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain.

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10 thoughts on “Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain Review—For Ferrets

  1. This small Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain looks so cute and beautiful. I don’t have a ferret but I think my cat will love it. I’m bit hesitant to get it as it is hard to know the water level..

    1. Hi Demi
      Yes, that could pose a problem if you have a lot of cats that drink a lot. One solution is to put the Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain out when you are going to be home and see how much water your cat drinks. Then you can get an idea of how often you need to fill it up. Or, you could just have it out when you are home and put it away when you are gone and use another type of water source if you are afraid your cat will knock it over.

  2. I love this idea! While I don’t have ferrets, I do have cats. I’ve never seen it before. This would be so handy for my cats as they refuse to drink from the dog’s water bowl. They want their own special bowls, with bottled water no less! Yes, they are spoiled.
    Anyway, I love the compact design and the free-flowing function.
    I’m loving your site! So easy to navigate and read.
    Thank you for sharing this. I may just have to get one for my furbabies.

    1. Hi Erika
      Yes, the Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain is highly praised by cat parents. I’m sure your furbabies will enjoy it! Soon it will a favorite of ferret parents as well!

  3. The Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain looks like a good ferret toy. Getting wet might encourage more self grooming. It would be important to keep it filled; tipping over is a definite possibility!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Bryce!
      Yes, the Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain is great for ferrets, but you know what troublemakers they are!

  4. What a brilliant review this was on the Catit Flower Cat water fountain. It was full of detail, all of which I found very interesting and extremely helpful too. Thank you for giving me this helpful post.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, Simon!
      I am happy you found the review of the Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain helpful. Stop by any time!

  5. The Catit Flower Water Fountain is a perfect water bowl for ferrets!!! I wish I had this with my ferrets years ago. I miss those little buggers! I love your site, it makes me want to get ferrets again, but they would be too much of a handful and I have little kids yet and one on the way…not good for ferrets. This may be something great for my cats though. Anything to get them out of the toilet! XD

    1. Thanks for checking out my review of the Catit Flower Cat Water fountain for ferrets. As mentioned, this water bowl is intended for cats, so if your cats likes to drink out of the toilet, this may be perfect for them!

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