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How to Clean Ferrets’ Ears Safely

How to Clean Ferret's Ears

How to Clean Ferrets’ Ears Safely

Cleaning your ferret’s ears should be a regular part of caring for your ferret. To keep your ferret healthy, it is important to make sure her ears are free of debris and discharge.

Ferrets’ ear wax should be red, brown, or gold-colored. If you notice very dark brown or black debris or discharge, be sure to take your ferret to your Vet. Your ferret may have an ear infection or ear mites. Left untreated, these conditions can turn into severe health problems for your ferret.

How to Clean Ferrets’ Ears Safely

  • Use a safe ear cleaning solution-one recommended for ferrets.
  • Before you begin to clean your ferret’s ears, put the bottle of ferret ear cleaner in a bowl of warm water to warm it up. This will make the process less uncomfortable for your ferret. Just be sure it is warm, not hot.
  • Scruff your ferret and put a few drops of the cleaner into one ear. This will help loosen the wax that is in there. Gently massage the baseHow to Clean Ferrets Ears of your ferret’s ear to work in the cleaner.  Your ferret will shake her head to clear her ear.
  • Then moisten a cotton ball or swab with the ear cleaning solution and clean the outer ear and inside at the base of the ear. Be careful not to push a swab deep into the ear. You might pack the wax tight to the eardrum or accidentally hurt her. A ferret’s ear canal is shaped like an L,  as long as you are gentle and don’t push hard, you won’t hurt it. Continue using clean, moistened cotton balls or swabs until the wax is gone.
  • Then use a dry cotton ball or swab to finish cleaning and drying the ear.
  • When you finish cleaning one ear, repeat the process for your ferret’s other ear. Never use the same cotton ball or swab for both ears–always use clean ones. If your ferret does have an ear infection or ear mites, you may spread it to the other ear.
  • Make sure to follow up ear cleaning with a healthy treat!

You should clean your ferret’s ears at least once every two weeks; however, once a week is best. Cleaning ferrets’ ears safely and regularly can help prevent infections and ear mites. Cleaning your ferret’s ears during or after a bath is also recommended. It’s important to make sure that extra soap and water residue is removed from your ferret’s ears when she has a bath.

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14 thoughts on “How to Clean Ferrets’ Ears Safely

  1. It is kind of crazy how much maintenance goes into pets these days! While I had no idea you had to clean their ears, I have heard/read multiple times that you should be attempting to brush their teeth on a consistent basis. I actually have the same recommendation from my vet for my cats and dogs too! Dogs are a bit easier, but cats so far despise it and my ferret won’t let me get anywhere near his teeth with a brush! I guess I need to add one more thing to the list of stuff to do…haha.

    Thanks for sharing this great article on the best way to approach the ear cleaning though, very helpful!

    1. Hi Craig
      Yes, as pet lovers we want to keep our pets healthy. There is always more to learn about what’s required to keep our pets healthy. Basically, keeping pets healthy requires pretty much the same actions as keeping us healthy. Ferrets and cats are usually the most intolerant of ear cleaning. It can take some patience.

  2. Hey Sandra!
    I don’t know much about ferrets, but I know about loving your fur babies and the maintenance they require. For the first time in my adult life I have a small dog, a teacup poodle, and they have ear issues as well. I have to pull hair out of my little girl’s ears because it grows inside poodles ears! They require the same type of ear cleaning you just described for your ferret and of course brushing her teeth and grooming. Yes, the more we learn about our “pets” and the more we vary what we bring home and what we mate, the more intense the care gets. But, it’s a labor of love! Thank you for the article, it’s always nice to hear someone from else who loves their pet!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Keli!
      Yes, all our furry family members need appropriate grooming–ears, teeth, fur, nails… I had a toy poodle for 17 years. I know what you mean about their ears. I do agree that caring for our “pets” is a labor of love!

  3. Awwwh, ferrets are so cute! I know it is important to care for our fur-babies. Are ear mites a big problem for ferrets? Are they something that they pick up from our homes?? That is scary! I have not heard of ferrets having that problem.

    1. Hi Irma,
      Yes, ear mites are a common problem with ferrets. That’s one reason it is so important to regularly clean your ferret’s ears. The earlier it is caught, the easier it is to treat. If you want to find out more about ear mites, check out my article on ear mites and ferrets.

  4. I had no idea that such delicacy is needed for cleaning ferret ears. I always thought they themselves may be cleaning it somehow. So nice of you explaining it in great detail.

    1. Hi Demi,
      It would be nice if ferrets could clean their own ears, but just like other pets, they need our help!

  5. Hi, Sandra!

    Thanks for the post on how to clean ferret’s ears! Up until now, I didn’t give too much importance to this. Thanks so much for putting time aside and sharing with us the proper way to clean the ferret’s ears. I’ll order today the solution :)!

    1. Hi Andrei,
      I am happy you found How to Clean Ferrets Ears of value. I’m sure you will find the ferret ear cleaning solution helpful in keeping your ferret’s ears clean.

  6. Wow, a great article on how to clean a ferret’s ears safely. I would always be very nervous about cleaning the ears of something so small. Mainly through the thought of damaging the ear drums. But your article has helped me as I am sure that it will do to countless others. Thank you for giving me the confidence to do it.


    1. I appreciate your comment, Si!
      I’m glad I can help!

  7. Hi thank you so much for this! Do you have a list of ferret safe ear cleaning solution? All I’m finding is for dogs. Is that safe?

    1. Hi Kristen,
      Most pet ear cleaners aren’t made specifically for ferrets or other small pets. Many that can be used for sensitive pets and kittens are most likely safe, but if it doesn’t say it’s safe for ferrets, you should check with your vet to be safe. You can try this ferret ear cleaner made for ferrets. Hope this helps!

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