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Girl Ferret Names–20 Names for Female Ferrets

girl ferret namesGirl Ferret Names–20 Names for Female Ferrets

Your girl ferret is unique.  She has her own look and her own personality. She deserves a name that the suits her perfectly. I have comprised a list of Girl Ferret Names that are appropriate for these delightful creatures. I hope you will find one that is perfect for your furry friend.

Girl Ferret Names–20 Names for Female Ferrets

  1. Aunte Bea
  2. Bo Ferret
  3. Cruella
  4. Daisy Mae
  5. Darlington
  6. Diva
  7. Duchess
  8. Fanny Mae
  9. Foxy
  10. Hissy
  11. Lady Mischief
  12. Loopylu
  13. Momma Bear
  14. Ms. Wiggles
  15. Panda Bear
  16. Pocahontas
  17. Queen Ann
  18. Raven
  19. Silly Millie
  20. Tiki

Does your female ferret have a unique name? Let me know!

Don’t see quite what you are looking for? Visit Cute Ferret Names for 25 unique names for your ferret.

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8 thoughts on “Girl Ferret Names–20 Names for Female Ferrets

  1. These are excellent suggestions. I had a terrible time coming up good girl names for my daughters, so I can’t imagine the difficulty I would have had naming a girl ferret. I like Daisy Mae and Silly Millie best.

    1. I’m glad you like the names. It’s a lot of fun coming up with names for pets and children.

  2. I’ve never thought about having a ferret as a pet, but after a second look these things look really cute (lol). My girlfriends birthdays coming up and this might be a brilliant birthday present. And these names are amazing, so good job there.

    Thanks for this helpful information,

    1. I’m glad you are exploring the world of ferrets! Before for you decide to add a ferret to your family (or your girlfriend’s), be sure to read my articles, Are Ferrets Good Pets, ferret proofing and litter box training. If you have any questions, please let me know.

  3. I still remember the ferret my cousin had years ago! Don’t remember if it was a male or female but I remember the name…it was pooki. I have still yet to condsider getting one for a pet, I know my kids would enjoy it, not sure my dog will.

    1. That’s a great name! Dogs and ferrets can get along very well and can become playmates and even cuddlemates. It is important that they are introduced properly. If you have any questions, let me know!

  4. I have such a hard time coming up with names. You did a great job coming up with these names. Thank you for sharing.
    My favorite name is Silly Millie

    1. Thanks Laura! Silly Millie seems to be a favorite!

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