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Trusted Pet Sitters–Trusted Housesitters Review

Trusted Pet Sitters–Trusted Housesitters Review

You want to take a vacation. But what about your pet?Trusted Pet Sitters--Trusted Housesitters Review

Some pets you may be able to take with you. But do you want to?

Some pets just are not suited for travel. Some pets you can’t easily put in a kennel.

And what if you have multiple pets? Boarding  2 dogs is doable, but the cost can really add up–you may pay more to board them each night than you are paying for your own hotel room! What if you have a dog, a cat and a bird? or a chicken and a goat? What if you have 3 ferrets? It can get a bit complicated and expensive.

I have discovered a unique pet sitting/house sitting service called Trusted Housesitters. It really should be Trusted Pet Sitters because in my opinion pets come first. If I am looking for a pet sitter to stay in my home, I will be looking for a pet sitter, not a house sitter, but that’s just me. I have done some research on Trusted Housesitters and I’d like to share it with you.

Trusted Pet Sitters–Trusted Housesitters Review

Trusted Housesitters has been in business for 5 years. It has locations worldwide–including the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

There are many benefits to using a pet sitter/house sitter as opposed to boarding your pet, having your pet stay at a pet sitter’s home, burdening friends or neighbors to check in on your pets or taking your pet along on your trip.

First, you can have multiple pets and/or hard to board pets and be able to travel!

Second, your pet will be happier. Pets are happy when they are in familiar and comfortable surroundings.

Third, your home will be occupied and cared for along with your pets. You don’t have to worry about burglars seeing your home as a potential target because no one is home. This is especially important if you are planning an extended getaway.

Fourth, the cost is often substantially less than boarding or off-site pet sitting and a better value for your money.

Trusted Housesitters offers these benefits along with many other features and benefits:

  • You generally only pay for the membership (as little as $9.95/month) then can get unlimited free pet sitting/housesitting
  • 5 star registered pet sitters
  • You choose the pet sitter
  • Your pets are cared for by someone who loves pets and wants to spend time with them
  • Easy to join online
  • Free access to a dedicated Vet Advise line–24/7 for members and pet sitters while caring for your pets
  • Online Help Center
  • Customer Care Team available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week–via chat, phone or email
  • Ability to request specific needs or requirements (experience with ferrets, need to take the dog to the groomer, need to water the garden or shovel the snow off the driveway…)
  • Peace of mind

The process of signing up and finding a pet sitter is easy:

  1. Join online for as little as $9.95 per month
  2. List your pet and home needs, along with a photo of each
  3. Receive replies from interested pet sitters
  4. Review pet sitters’ profiles, reviews, photos, videos, and even police background checks
  5. Choose your pet sitter
  6. Travel with peace of mind

If this sounds too good to be true, there are a few imperfections:

  • 1-year membership required
  • Although most pet sitters offer their services for free, some do charge varying rates
  • There is a money back guarantee, but it only applies if you post your request at least 1 month from the start of your trip and are unable to find a suitable pet sitter within the first 30 days of your membership. Then, you must request the refund between 30 and 40 days of the start of your membership.

Trusted Pet Sitters–Trusted Housesitters Review–Conclusion

Trusted Housesitters is a great option for pet owners–especially if you have multiple pets or pets that cannot be boarded easily–like ferrets! It’s very cost effective and an unusually good value. Your pets get to stay in their familiar surroundings with all the normal smells of home and family. Your home and your pets are looked after and you can specify any requirements or needs you have. There are many testimonials on the website giving positive reviews of their experiences with Trusted Housesitters.

Check it out for yourself

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10 thoughts on “Trusted Pet Sitters–Trusted Housesitters Review

  1. I admit I decided not to go on holiday this year because I’d miss my pets too much 🙁 Thank you very much for this review, I might consider using this service in the future because it is so difficult getting friends and family to care for the animals properly. I also see that it is a worldwide website which is fantastic! Someone on youtube recently posted a video about a pet sitter which killed her Betta fish by over feeding while she was away 🙁 I’d be so worried that this would happen to me because once we came back from holiday to find that our cat had been run over by a car!!!

    1. That’s terrible about your cat! That would make me afraid to go on vacation!Of course bad things can and do happen, but if we take all the necessary precautions–like checking references and writing down detailed instructions for the pet sitter, we can greatly lessen the chances of something going wrong while we are away. With Trusted Housesitters you choose the pet sitter and have access to client reviews and even a police background check!

  2. I have two dogs and also like to travel a lot. I have earlier solved the problem by letting my friend take care of the dogs while I’m gone. But I don’t want to burden him anymore so this sounds awsome. Too bad I live in Sweden so I guess I’ll have to find some other way to solve the problem…

    Anyway, great review!

    1. Thanks for visiting David. Trusted Housesitters does have pet sitters world wide. I know they have pet sitters in Europe. I am not sure about Sweden, but click on the link in the post and check it out–you may be able to find one near you!

  3. Hello there,

    Wow, it looks amazing! Im from Italy and we don’t have yet this type of service, but it would be so useful! Me and my fiancee often leave for a 2-3 days trip every weekend, and we have 2 cats so it’s always a struggle to convince some of our friends to take our cats, and this type of thing would be so cool. Nice review, and if I was in the USA I would def use it!!

    Cheers, Ady.

    1. Thanks for visiting! Trusted Housesitters is not just in the US. They have pet sitters all over the world. I know they have pet sitters in Europe–not sure if they are in Italy. Click on the link in the post and check it out–hopefully they will have pet sitters there!

  4. Sandra,
    I like the idea of leaving your pet in the home where it lives while you are on vacation. One of my neighbors and I have been sharing pet sitting when we need to be away for a few days or just for an evening. I just go over and spend some time with her two dogs for a hour a few times a day. They eat where they normally eat and go outside and play in their own yard. This is less stressful on the pets and owners. This Trusted Housesitters sounds like a professional model of what we have been doing for over 10 years. It does work.

    1. Thanks for you comment, John. It’s great when it works out that you have a friend, neighbor or relative that is close to your home and you can share pet sitting. But, that doesn’t always work out and can become a bit of an inconvenience if you are away for long periods. Trusted Housesitters is great because most of the pet sitters are happy to pet sit (and house sit) for free!

  5. This is great information. I have a Green Cheeked Yellow-sided Conure that costs too much when we travel up north to see my husband’s family in Canada. Our first trip we left him with friends and while that was fine I do agree that having them in their own environment eases the stress for them and us. The fact you can check reviews of others that have used the program and also review each person who offers to sit your pet is good because you worry not just about your bird but the integrity of a stranger staying in your home. I am a very private person and would probably really think it over doing so but once you find that person you can rely on that would ease our pressure and stress when leaving our little boy Mango behind.

    1. Yes, birds need special consideration. They often have a strong opinion of who they like and who they don’t like! The are especially sensitive tho their surroundings too, so if you when someone you and your Conure feel comfortable with, it will open up your travel options!

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