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Trusted Pet Sitters–Trusted Housesitters Review

Trusted Pet Sitters–Trusted Housesitters Review

You want to take a vacation. But what about your pet?Trusted Pet Sitters--Trusted Housesitters Review

Some pets you may be able to take with you. But do you want to?

Some pets just are not suited for travel. Some pets you can’t easily put in a kennel.

And what if you have multiple pets? Boarding  2 dogs is doable, but the cost can really add up–you may pay more to board them each night than you are paying for your own hotel room! What if you have a dog, a cat and a bird? or a chicken and a goat? What if you have 3 ferrets? It can get a bit complicated and expensive.

I have discovered a unique pet sitting/house sitting service called Trusted Housesitters. It really should be Trusted Pet Sitters because in my opinion pets come first. If I am looking for a pet sitter to stay in my home, I will be looking for a pet sitter, not a house sitter, but that’s just me. I have done some research on Trusted Housesitters and I’d like to share it with you. Continue reading Trusted Pet Sitters–Trusted Housesitters Review