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Do Ferrets Get Along with Cats?

Do Ferrets Get Along with Cats?

Ferrets and cats, just like other animals (and people) have different personalities. One cat might be best buddies with one cat and hiss and fight with another.Do Ferrets Get Along with Cats?

A Ferret’s Point of View

Ferrets view people, other ferrets, and other animals in a variety of ways. But primarily as a playmate. As a carefree and fearless pet, ferrets above all love to play. Ferrets can play very hard, and without  meaning to, could harm another pet.

Another way ferrets may see another pet, such as a cat, is as an enemy. A fearful ferret will defend himself if he feels cornered. A jealous ferret might act aggressively toward a cat if you aren’t paying enough attention to him.

A Cat’s Point of View

Cats view people as their servants and other pets as either toys, prey, predators or rivals. Cats may see small ferret kits as a new toy to play with or as a tasty snack! Cats are also territorial and may see a ferret as an intruder to his territory, which he must defend. Some cats will also become jealous if they are not getting the attention they demand. Any one of these characteristics may cause a cat to potentially hurt a ferret.

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