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Ferret Wheelchair Review–Skeeter Chair

Ferret Wheelchair Review–Skeeter Chair

Ferrets suffering from weak, injured or paralyzed back legs are often unable to move around much. They often need to be carried from place to place and are unable to explore the way ferrets naturally and enthusiastically do. This unfortunate state can lead to a ferret becoming unhappy and depressed.

Wheelchairs for dogs are becoming more commonplace, but what about wheelchairs for ferrets?

The popularity of ferrets and the desire many ferret parents have to give their ferrets the best possible life, has resulted in the creation of wheelchairs for ferrets.

The Skeeter Chair was designed for and named after a ferret named Skeeter. This ferret wheelchair allows disabled ferrets to move around more freely, using their front legs. They are able to enjoy investigating and exploring and even “running”, when they learn how fast the wheels can go. Continue reading Ferret Wheelchair Review–Skeeter Chair