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Ferret Playpens—What to Look for

Ferret Playpens--What to Look ForAre there Actually Ferret Playpens?

Playpens are not just for toddlers and puppies! Ferret playpens are gaining popularity.

If you have a ferret (or 2 or 6), you know that they can get into lots of trouble when left unattended. However, it may not always be practical to keep an eye on your ferret while they’re out of the cage—especially if you have more than one. Ferrets are often bored in their cage and just sleep. Or they may get determined to break out. One of my ferrets, Toby, likes to grab onto the rungs of the cage door and pull and shake it with all his might, trying to escape. 

Ferrets need plenty of time out of their cages in order to be happy and healthy.

One way to provide your ferrets with playtime is to use a ferret playpen. Although a ferret playpen is not a substitution for one-on-one playtime for you and your ferret, it can add a new and fun experience for your ferret. The right playpen can provide a safe and confined area for your ferret to play, relax and nap. Ferret playpens can serve a variety of functions such as a portable, confined area when traveling and a safe way to be outdoors. Continue reading Ferret Playpens—What to Look for

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Marshall Playpen Review For Ferrets

Marshall Playpen Review For FerretsMarshall Playpen Review For Ferrets

A playpen can be a valuable addition to your ferret supply repertoire.

The proper playpen can provide your ferret with a safe place to play in a confined area. It can come in handy in a multitude of situations. However, it’s important to get your ferret the right playpen–one that is ferret proof and suits your particular needs.

Marshall offers a playpen for ferrets (as well as other small pets). Let’s take a look to find out if the Marshall Playpen is a good choice for you and your ferret. Continue reading Marshall Playpen Review For Ferrets