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What Not to Feed a Ferret–Ferret Food Can Harm Your Ferret

what not to feed a ferretWhat Not to Feed a Ferret

Ferret Food Can Harm Your Ferret

For some reason, as ferret parents, and pet parents in general, we often take pet food for granted. We assume that if something  is sold as ferret food, it must be healthy for ferrets.

We know that not all human food is good for us, even though it is sold as “food”.  We have learned that many types of foods can, and often do, cause serious heath problems. Some of these unhealthy “food” items are easy to recognize, such as potato chips, soda, candy… but some foods and ingredients are not so obvious. Canned and packaged foods, for example, are often loaded with sugar, salt, fat and chemicals.

So what about pet foods? If we know that human food manufactures do not always have our health in mind, how can we assume that pet food manufactures have our pets’ health in mind? We can’t and we shouldn’t. Continue reading What Not to Feed a Ferret–Ferret Food Can Harm Your Ferret

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Soft Ferret Food

Soft Ferret FoodSoft Ferret Food

Since ferrets are strict carnivores, they need a healthy, quality, meat based protein diet. But, ferrets can be finicky eaters. If a ferret doesn’t like the taste, texture or size of his food–especially kibble, he simply won’t eat it. If a ferret is ill or has dental problems, he may stop eating his normal food as well.

It may be time to try soft ferret food. Pet food manufactures do not provide many options for soft ferret food. Because ferrets should not eat grains and other carbohydrates, it is often difficult to find a suitable diet (for info on ferret nutrition click here). Continue reading Soft Ferret Food