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Best Hairball Treatment–For Ferrets

Best Hairball Treatment

Best Hairball Treatment

For Ferrets

Ferrets can get hairballs, unfortunately they lack the natural reflux ability of coughing it up like cats do.

Why do ferrets get hairballs?


Ferrets shed twice a year. They shed their coats to prepare for seasonal weather changes. The thick winter coat is shed in Spring to be replaced by a thinner, summer coat. The summer coat is then shed in Fall to again be replaced by a thicker, winter coat.

During this shedding time, the fluffy undercoat hairs may be seen floating around in the air. The longer guard hairs may be found covering your ferret’s bedding. The finer undercoat hairs, especially, can get mixed in with your ferret’s food. Then, as your ferret eats, these hairs may be swallowed. The same is true when your ferret grooms himself. If enough of these hairs are ingested, they can clump up in the stomach forming a hairball. Continue reading Best Hairball Treatment–For Ferrets