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Ripple Rug Review For Ferrets

Ripple Rug ReviewRipple Rug Review

Ripple Rug Review For Ferrets

Before I get into the details and specifics of the Ripple Rug For Ferrets, I should point out that the Ripple Rug was designed for cats. But, just because it is marketed for cats doesn’t mean it has to be for cats exclusively.

I have a friend who was cat-sitting. She saw the cat playing in a Ripple Rug and having a great time. When she told me about it I thought it sounded a lot like a ferret toy! And now it is!

I have told several ferret parents about it and many have gotten one for their ferrets.

Because the Ripple Rug is a burrowing and tunneling toy, it is well suited for a ferret’s natural love of doing both. Ferrets need lots of ways to entertain themselves and they are always looking for a new way to make something fun. They are clever at finding ways to entertain themselves, but often get bored if left to play by themselves–especially if they don’t have anything new to explore. Appropriate interactive and enrichment toys give ferrets an opportunity to enjoy different experiences and appeal to their natural tendencies to explore.

The Ripple Rug is a puzzle toy, an interactive toy and a burrowing toy all in one. Its unique and creative design lends itself to endlessly different configurations. It consists of two pieces of carpet with a non-slip rubber backing. The top piece has multiple holes of different sizes with velcro strips that you to attach to the bottom carpet. How you attach it is up to you–you can be as creative as you like.


  1. Unfold the rug.
  2. Place non-slip side down on the floor.
  3. Place 2nd rug with velcro touch-points facing down to attach the rugs together (touch-points are pressed down or lifted to release).
  4. Reshape however and whenever you want . 

You can make different types of tunnels and burrows. You can even hide toys in the tunnels for your ferret to discover. You can make it more interactive for you and your ferret by playing fun games, such as creeping up on your ferret when he is in the tunnel or getting a cat teaser (ferrets like these too) and dangling it in front of one of the holes for him to reach for. You can make up a new configuration (or let your ferret do it) or a new game every day so your ferret doesn’t get bored. It also makes a great napping place when he’s tired.

Ripple Rug Review

Ripple Rug For Ferrets Review


  • Dimensions: Top and bottom rug each measure 35 x 47 inches when unfolded
  • Weight: Approximately 4lbs
  • Top rug: Contains 14 holes of varying sizes and multiple touch-point velcro fasteners 
  • Bottom rug: Anti-slip rubber coating also helps insulate from cold floors
  • Rug construction: 100% polyester fibers made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Resistant to: Mold, mildew and stains
  • Cleaning: soap and water
  • Cost: Approximately $45


  • Provides ferrets an outlet for their desire to burrow and tunnel
  • Can be used for enrichment and/or interactive play
  • Multiple holes of different sizes for ferrets to crawl in and out
  • Endless configuration possibilities
  • Multiple ferrets can play together
  • Portable and stores compactly
  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • Environmentally friendly–24 recycled plastic bottles are used to make each rug


  • Too big to be washed in a washing machine

Ripple Rug For Ferrets Summary

Although the Ripple Rug was originally designed for cats, in many ways it is better suited for ferrets. Ferrets love to burrow under things and make tunnels to crawl through. They enjoy peeking out of holes to check things out or plan an escape from a pursuer. They like to play and sleep in enclosed spaces. All these qualities make the Ripple Rug a great toy For Ferrets.

Get one for your ferret–click on one of the links for the best price.


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