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Ferret Stuffed Animals—Find Your Favorite

Ferret Stuffed AnimalsFerret Stuffed Animals

Find Your Favorite

If you love ferrets, you probably love ferret-themed stuff. I know I do!

So if you want to cuddle with your ferret and your ferret isn’t a cuddler, here is the next best thing–ferret stuffed animals! I feel that you are never too old for stuffed animals! Plus, if you have a ferret or are a ferret lover, you don’t have to worry that someone might question why a grown woman or man has a stuffed animal. Everyone will think it’s normal because you love ferrets. Personally, I have quite a few ferret stuffed animals. Ok, more than a few!

Ferret stuffed animals are not something you see every day, unlike other pet stuffed animals –cats, dogs, bunnies… I have had many people ask me where I found my stuffed ferrets.  To help you find a ferret stuffed animal to call your own, I have compiled a diverse selection of ferret stuffed animals that should suit a variety of tastes.  There are black-footed ferrets, hand-sculpted ferrets, ferret puppets and even ferrets with an online counterpart!

Here are some favorite choices for ferret stuffed animals:

Life-Like Stuffed Ferrets

Ferret Stuffed Animals

                                          ferret stuffed animals

These ferrets are fabulous. Completely hand sculpted with a hand finished face, these unique ferrets, by Hansa, are referred to as soft sculpture art. They come in a variety of poses and personalities!

Ferret Puppet

This beautiful, large (25″) furry ferFerret Stuffed Animalsret is also a hand puppet. So you can make him come to life!

Webkinz Stuffed  Ferret

Ferret Stuffed Animals

This cute 8″ ferret is unique. Webkinz ferrets come with an online code where your “child” can play with this virtual counterpart in an online environment. Of course, it’s nothing like playing with a real ferret, but you can create a house for your pet, play with and feed him and even dress him up–all in his online life.

Black-Footed Ferret


This 10″ black-footed ferret offers you the opportunity to invite an endangered black-footed ferret into your home. Steiff creates beautiful animals for collectors and children alike. 

Whether you are looking for a realistic-looking ferret, a stuffed ferret you can play with, or a black-footed ferret, I hope you have found your favorite ferret stuffed animal here!  You can find these and many more by clicking here.

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2 thoughts on “Ferret Stuffed Animals—Find Your Favorite

  1. I have a stuffed Black Footed Ferret my daughter bought me a couple of years ago. I keep it in our bedroom on top of a “kitty condo” for my real ferrets’ entertainment. When I get home from work in the evening and walk into the bedroom, quite often I’ll find it on the floor and just know, “someone had a good time today.” My babies love to clime up and knock him off. For some reason they’ve never tried to stash him.

    1. They do find ways to entertain themselves when we’re away! My ferrets love to try to pull in anything I put on or near their kitty condo too!

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