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Ferret Pet Carrier

ferret pet carrierFerret Pet Carrier

Have you ever wanted to take your ferret with you but wondered the best way to carry her?

Quite a few years ago,  I decided to take my ferret, Chantile, on a several hour Greyhound bus ride. I was visiting a friend for a few days and didn’t want to leave her behind.  I was in graduate school and didn’t have much money so I had to make do with what I had to carry her in.

Of course animals are not allowed on the bus, so I had to be sure she was not seen (or heard). I didn’t have a ferret pet carrier (or any type of pet carrier) so I used a regular nylon carry-on bag. That was an adventure!

Since she couldn’t see out and didn’t know what was going on, she kept scratching at the bag, trying to get out. Well, you know how persistent ferrets can be! On the quiet bus someone was sure to hear her. So I unzipped the bag a little and stuck my hand in. That’s all it took. She just needed reassurance that I was there. I kept my hand in there the whole trip.

There are now an extensive number of pet carriers, many made for small pets such as ferrets. But just because they may say they are for ferrets (and chinchillas and rabbits and…), doesn’t mean they are a good choice. There are 2 specific ferret pet carriers that many ferret parents find work well for ferret travel. I share them with you below.Ferret Pet Carrier

 Backpack CarrierFerret Pet Carrier

This unique ferret carrier can be carried like a backpack or by the top handle. It offers large ventilated windows so your ferret can see where she is going. This feature is important to ferrets. They are curious and want to know what is going on around them. This carrier also has a convenient zippered bottom pouch for carrying food or toys.



Ferret Pet Carrier“Traditional” Soft Carrier

This carrier is not the standard pet carrier. It is made with ferrets in mind and features large, ventilated windows and 3 separate zippered openings for easy access to your ferret. It also has a soft, removable, washable pad insert to keep your ferret cozy.


Both ferret pet carriers are available in here.

Keep in mind that pet carriers are only meant for short travels–up to a few hours. If your travel is longer, it’s important to take your ferret out for some fun, exercise, water, food and to do his business.

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4 thoughts on “Ferret Pet Carrier

  1. Hi Sandra,

    I’m sorry but as much as I empathize with Chantile for having to be in that carry-on bag, I couldn’t help but laugh when I read your story. It’s as if I’m watching one of those funny movies on TV.

    Seriously though, I am glad that you had that idea to unzip your bag for Chantile to understand you’re still with her.

    But it’s good to know that there are now proper carriers for ferrets. And what’s great is that there are some with washable pads.

    And Sandra, I think it’s a good reminder that you mentioned such bags are meant for few-hour travels. So for the sake of the animals, pet owners should be mindful.

    1. Thank for visiting, Zailinah! Yes it was funny–after the fact! I was so afraid I was going to get caught!

  2. Haha .. LIke literally u carried your pet on the bus… That’s kind of an adventure…lol… because if your pet runs away somewhere then it would be so hard to get … but yeah truly said now bag packs are available and that is to save our pet without losing them…
    amazing article … Very much Interesting 🙂

    1. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! I’m happy you enjoyed the article on ferret pet carriers!

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