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DIY Ferret Toys– Swinging Fun

DIY Ferret Toys--Swinging FunDIY Ferret Toys– Swinging Fun

Ferrets are always looking for fun, but sometimes what they see as fun is dangerous or destructive or both. As ferret parents, we are always trying to come up with new ways to safely entertain our fur babies.

Sometimes we need to think outside the box (or cage) to discover new ideas for ferret toys. DIY ferret toys can be a creative and fun way to give your ferrets new experiences.

DIY Ferret Toys– Swinging Fun

One DIY idea is to “make” your ferret a swing. I say “make” because there is little, if anything, you actually need to put together.  There are lots of hanging hammocks and other bedding that can be attached to the top of a ferret cage and hang down. But what about a swing? A fellow ferret parent had this idea and I thought I would share it with you.

This simple idea is quick and easy and can give your ferret  some swinging fun. All you need is a hanging planter and a safe place to hang it.

If your ferret enclosure is large enough, you could hang it inside the cage, but usually it is better to find another place. Depending on the type of hook you use for hanging the swing, you could hang it from a plant hanger or even from a closet clothes rod. You could even hang it outdoors from a tree or patio overhang.  Whatever you hang the swing from, be sure it can withstand a lot of movement and the weight of your ferret or ferrets. If you hang it outside, be sure not to leave your ferret unsupervised. You wouldn’t want him wantering off. Wherever you hang it, make sure it is in a safe area and don’t hang it too high. If your ferret jumps or falls out, you don’t want him to get hurt.

DIY Ferret Toys– Swinging Fun

DIT Ferret Toys

The type of swing you make is up to you. I recommend that it is deep enough so your ferret can’t easily fall out and large enough to have room to move around. You could use a large plastic dome shaped planter with an attached chain (like the one shown), a square wooden box that you drill holes in and hang with rope, or even a wicker basket. You could add leaves or bedding material or toys to the swing to make it even more fun.

I would not recommend using the type of planters with the coco coir liner, however. Your ferret will probably dig at it, tear it apart and make a mess. The example shown of a DIY ferret swing doesn’t require a lot of assembly and comes in lots of colors, so you can choose a bright, fun color or a more neutral, natural tone.

If you would like more ideas for DIY ferret toys, check out Ferret Tunnels and Tubes.

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