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Air Cleaners for the Home With Pets

Air Cleaners for the Home With Pets

Air Cleaners for the Home with Pets

Can visitors to your home smell that you have a pet before they see that you have one (or two or three or …)

Along with dogs and cats, ferrets, birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, lizards, turtles… can all add unwanted fragrances to your home. Then there are their cages– a continual source of odor as well.

Have you tried chemical air fresheners, pet odor removers, and air purifiers, but haven’t found anything to really get rid of pet odor?

Most products that claim to be air cleaners for the home or specially designed air cleaners for the home with pets are just temporary solutions. They either cover up the odor with a different fragrance or remove only part of the problem.

Many times I have used pet odor “eliminators” on pet stains on the carpet. I thought the problem was taken care of, but inevitably I would find another mess on the carpet in the same place. The odor that was down deeper in the carpet came to the surface and attracted my dog to the spot again. On top of that, it attracted more dirt and stains, so over time, the carpet became dirtier and dirtier in the treated area.

I also tried several air purifiers to deal with cage and litter box smells, and they did help some. But I was never really happy with the result. Plus, they were either too loud, too large to be concealed, too cumbersome to maintain, or didn’t last long–or some combination of these factors.

Air Cleaners for the Home With Pets

Then I heard about the CritterZone air cleaner for the home with pets.

This filter-less and chemical-free air cleaner can tackle any pet odor problem. CritterZone technology was designed and tested to specifically handle the strongest pet odor sources that are naturally part of having pets–including litter boxes, kennels and cages. CritterZone is actually an air naturalizer–not an air purifier. Air naturalizers are different from air purifiers.  Unlike air purification, air naturalization uses a process designed to mimic the natural air-cleaning process the sun and wind provide outdoors.

CritterZone isn’t an ozone generator or an ionizer. This air cleaner makes energized versions of the natural elements already found in the air. These energized elements clean the air and help get rid of contaminants such as odors, allergens, mold and bacteria.

The small size and quiet operation allow you to discreetly use the CritterZone air cleaner wherever you need it. It can accommodate up to 800 square feet. Put one by your ferret’s cage, your cat’s litter box, your dog’s kennel, your turtle’s tank… Although this air cleaner is designed specially for the home with pets, it can also be used to eliminate odors, bacteria, mold and allergens from other sources, such as kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms and workrooms.

I have an acquaintance that got a CritterZone air cleaner not for pet odors (she insists you would never know she has cats because her house is so clean), but for workroom odors. Her husband does a lot of handyman projects with a lot of toxic chemicals. She put it in his workroom and when she went back in the next day, she said she could barely smell anything. Within a few days the odors were gone.

There are 3 versions:Air Cleaners for the Home With Pets

1  Corded–with a 10 foot cord

The corded air naturalizer is designed to give you a 10-foot flexibility to discreetly keep a unit next to any odor source, even if it isn’t near an outlet.

2  Wall unit–to eliminate the hazard of cords

The wall unit plugs directly into any grounded outlet near your pet’s odor source, such as a litter box or dog kennel.

Travel kit–with car adapter and carry bag

The travel kit is great for vacations and for people who travel a lot.

Get one for yourself  and experience how clean the air in your home can be.

The travel kit makes a great gift, too.

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4 thoughts on “Air Cleaners for the Home With Pets

  1. Very interesting article. Thank you. I think so many of us with pets are used to any odours so we don’t think there are any. You pointed that out very nicely! Love love love the skunk. Brought an immediate smile to my face. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comments, Merry. I am sure you will notice a difference with the Air Naturalizer!

  2. I didn’t know that such an Air Naturalizer exists, thanks for sharing. I have a cat at home, and even though the smell of my cat isn’t really bad, this special Air Cleaner can do the job in our bathroom.

    I’ve tried out various air cleaners that didn’t solve my problem, just as you mentioned above. I will consider getting the one you recommended when I save up some money.
    I have one question: On their website, there are 2 different types of air cleaners, which one should I get in my case?

    Thank you in advance,

    1. These Air Naturalizers are unique. In answer to you question of which one to get for your bathroom, the only difference between the corded and plug in type is simply that–one has a long cord and one just plugs into an outlet. If you have an outlet that is convenient for the Air Naturalizer, than you can get the one that just plugs in directly. If you want to plug in the cord in another room and place the Air Naturalizer in the bathroom, then I would suggest the corded one.

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