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How Much Are Ferrets?

how much are ferrets?


How Much Are Ferrets?

The question, “How much are ferrets“, is more complicated than it may appear.

There is the cost of buying/adopting a ferret, which can vary widely. But the cost of buying the ferret is the least of the expenses.

When you buy a car, you expect the primary cost to be the car itself.  But you also know there will be other costs associated with owning a car–maintenance, insurance, gas…that will be ongoing costs for the life of the car.

Many people get a pet without thinking about the costs associated with having a pet. You may get a kitten for free or a turtle for $5, but that isn’t the final cost. It is just the beginning! Continue reading How Much Are Ferrets?

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Flea Treatment For Ferrets

ferret flea treatmentFlea Treatment For Ferrets

What are Fleas?

Fleas are tiny, usually dark-colored, insects.  Fleas attach themselves to animal and human skin–including ferrets. They bite and feed on the animal’s blood.  

Each female flea may produce 50 or 60 eggs a day!  Flea eggs hatch in about 4 days. 

Larvae eat the droppings of mature fleas for about 2 weeks, then spin cocoons and become pupae. Inside the cocoons, the pupae turn into fleas that emerge in 3 or 4 weeks as a new generation.

While most ferrets are not overly sensitive to fleas, some may develop skin irritations, allergies and even anemia.  Fleas reproduce quite quickly, laying batches of eggs on the ferret or other animal. The fleas can then spread to the animal’s surroundings.

Causes of Fleas in Ferrets

When the weather gets warm and humid, the fleas come out. Ferrets that go outside can pick up fleas from the environment. Ferrets can also get fleas from other pets or even people.

Flea eggs can remain dormant for up to two years waiting for victims.  Not only lying in wait outside, they can hide in furniture, carpets, bedding, clothes… Continue reading Flea Treatment For Ferrets

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How Long Do Ferrets Live?

How Long Do Ferrets Live?How Long Do Ferrets Live?

When we add a pet to our family, whether it is a cat, dog, bird, hamster, iguana, ferret or any other critter, we don’t want to think about how long he or she will live.

Each type of animal has a general life expectancy range, but as with any animal or person, the lifespan of a ferret can vary greatly.

The answer to How Long Do Ferrets Live? Depends on several factors. Some of these factors are more controllable than others.

Ferrets in the U.S. have a life expectancy of 5-9 years. Ferrets in the U.K. tend to live a bit longer–6-11 years.

There are 4 main determinants that influence how long a ferret lives. Continue reading How Long Do Ferrets Live?

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Valentine’s Day With Pets-Ways to Celebrate

Valentine's Day With Pets-Ways to Celebrate

Valentine’s Day With Pets-Ways to Celebrate

Giving and receiving chocolate, flowers and cards may be the traditional acts of love that come to mind when thinking about ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  These gifts are thought to be shared between 2 people in love. But Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just for people.

Sharing Valentine’s Day with your pets can create a special memory. It’s also a good excuse to spoil your best friends with what they love most–generally spending time with you!

Life can be crazy busy. Sometimes we have the best intentions, but life gets in the way and we don’t get to spend as much quality time together with our pets as we and our pets would like. Plan time on Valentine’s Day just for you and your beloved pets.

Whether your family includes furry, feathered or scaled loved ones, there are activities you can do together to celebrate Valentine’s Day with love.

Set aside time for just you and your pets.

Valentine’s Day with Pets-Ways to Celebrate:  Play chase with your ferret. Take your dog for a walk on her favorite trail.  Give your cat a nice ear scratch. Cuddle with your bunny or play your bird’s favorite music. No matter what you do on Valentine’s Day, the most important part is just being with your beloved pet friends.

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love. No one loves you more unconditionally than your pets. Tap into your creative side and find ways to show your pets just how much you love them this Valentine’s Day. Continue reading Valentine’s Day With Pets-Ways to Celebrate