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Ferret Facts For Kids and Adults–An Intro to Ferrets

Ferret Facts For Kids and AdultsFerret Facts For Kids and Adults

An Intro to Ferrets

Although some sources report ferrets may become the third most popular pet in the United States, many people don’t know much about them. The list of 20 facts below serve as an intro to ferrets–for kids and adults. Continue reading Ferret Facts For Kids and Adults–An Intro to Ferrets

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Care Credit For Pets–Veterinary Financing

Care Credit For Pets--Veterinary FinancingCare Credit For Pets–Veterinary Financing

Healthcare for pets is expensive. Healthcare for ferrets can be even more so, due to the fact that pet insurance for ferrets is almost non-existent.

I have previously written about my discovery of Pet Assure. I was happy to find it offers– veterinary pet insurance for ferrets.  Now, I have discovered another option for paying for vet bills–Care Credit for Pets.

Many people have heard of Care Credit. In business for almost 30 years, Care Credit provides financing options for treatments and procedures that typically are not covered by health, dental, and vision insurance. Care Credit also can be used when insurance doesn’t cover the full amount and for deductibles and co-payments.

Care Credit is a unique, specialized healthcare credit card with special financing offers.  There are short term and longer term financing options.

But, did you know that Care Credit also provides Veterinary Financing options?   Continue reading Care Credit For Pets–Veterinary Financing

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Are Ferrets Hypoallergenic? Allergies and Pets

are ferrets

Are Ferrets Hypoallergenic?

Allergies and Pets

Hypoallergenic–meaning relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction

Are Ferrets Hypoallergenic? Allergies and Pets

Allergy is a widespread chronic condition all over the world. Anyone can develop an allergy at any time. It is estimated that one in four people have chronic allergies, and that one in ten have allergies to pets–cats most of all.

Pet allergy symptoms can include sneezing, coughing, runny nose, scratchy throat or mouth, or itchy, red or watering eyes. For some people with allergic asthma, being around a pet can trigger wheezing or difficulty breathing.

There are many myths and misconceptions about allergies and pets.

How many of these common beliefs about allergies and pets can you identify correctly as true or false?

  1. A pet’s fur causes allergies.
  2. You can become desensitized to your pet and no longer have allergy symptoms.
  3. Rodents and other small furry pets are recommended for allergy sufferers.
  4. Pets that live outdoors cause fewer allergy problems.
  5. Restricting a pet to one or two rooms of your house will lessen allergy symptoms.
  6. You can be more allergic to your pet in Spring and Fall.
  7.  People who are allergic to their pets must find new homes for them.

Continue reading Are Ferrets Hypoallergenic? Allergies and Pets

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Ripple Rug Review For Ferrets

Ripple Rug ReviewRipple Rug Review

Ripple Rug Review For Ferrets

Before I get into the details and specifics of the Ripple Rug For Ferrets, I should point out that the Ripple Rug was designed for cats. But, just because it is marketed for cats doesn’t mean it has to be for cats exclusively.

I have a friend who was cat-sitting. She saw the cat playing in a Ripple Rug and having a great time. When she told me about it I thought it sounded a lot like a ferret toy! And now it is!

Continue reading Ripple Rug Review For Ferrets

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Ferret Toy Ideas–Enrichment Fun

Ferret Toy IdeasFerret Toy Ideas–Enrichment Fun

If you have a ferret, you know how playful and smart they are. Ferrets need a variety of toys for enrichment and fun. They need toys to keep them busy and to arouse their natural problem solving abilities.

Toys also act as a type of therapy for your ferret.  If a ferret is bored or unhappy, it can lead to undesirable behaviors. When he has fun and interesting toys to play with, he will be less likely to look for other outlets to relieve his boredom— such as digging in his litter box, or getting into things around the house.

 Ferret Toy Ideas–Enrichment Fun

What kind of toys are the best for my ferret?

Ferrets generally love toys that stimulate their natural, instinctual behaviors – hunting, digging and tunneling.  Like cats, toys that move in some way challenge their hunting instincts. Many cat toys are also of interest to ferrets. These types of toys include toys on springs, cat teasers, and battery powered toys.

Tunneling and burrowing never gets old. Ferrets can run around in tunnels and tubes all day–the more tunnels, the better. There are many different types of tunnels and tubes. To learn about some of the best options see this article.

Continue reading Ferret Toy Ideas–Enrichment Fun

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Kaytee Run-About Ferret Exercise Ball Review

Kaytee Run-About Ferret Exercise Ball

 Kaytee Run-About Ferret Exercise Ball

Ferrets love to play and roll around in confined spaces. An exercise ball is a great way to keep your ferret busy and out of trouble. Kaytee makes several size exercise balls suitable for various pets, such as mice, hamsters, rats  and ferrets. The Kaytee Run-About Ferret Exercise Ball is the largest of the small pet exercise balls.

This mega acrylic ball is 13 inches in diameter. It has a “lock-on” door and numerous small openings to allow air in. Remove the door, place your ferret in (or let him wander in on his own), secure the door and watch him roll around. You can also put one of your ferret’s favorite toys in the ball for even more fun. Continue reading Kaytee Run-About Ferret Exercise Ball Review

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Ferret Dig Box Contents–Options and Alternatives

Ferret Dig Box ContentsFerret Dig Box Contents–Options and Alternatives

Many ferret parents search for an outlet for their ferret’s natural exuberance for digging. One solution is a ferret dig box. A ferret dig box contents can have many options and there are many alternatives.

Personally, I am not a fan of typical ferret dig boxes. Since these boxes are shallow, they can be quite messy. Ferrets dig around and scatter the contents everywhere. Some people put a lid on it, but there still needs to be openings so the ferret can breath. And if you are making holes in plastic, there are sharp edges that can hurt your ferret (and you). Then there is the association with the litter box. I had a friend who had a ferret, Willie. Willie was quite tidy about his litter box. He always tried to go in one corner and kept the rest clean. He never played in it or scattered the litter around his cage. Then he was given a dig box–a dishpan filled with rice. He loved it. Rice was everywhere! Then one day Willie made the association. Rice was kind of like litter. They are both in a box. He had such a good time digging around in his dig box, he decided it would be just as much fun to dig in his nice (mostly clean) litter box!

Options and Alternatives

Similar to a ferret dig box, one of the best toys for a ferret is a play box. This is not the same as a ferret dig box–it’s much larger–at least deeper. This alternative to a ferret dig box gives ferrets the joy of digging combined with the instinct for tunneling. Some of the ferret dig box contents can be used in the ferret play box as well. Continue reading Ferret Dig Box Contents–Options and Alternatives

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Soft Ferret Food

Soft Ferret FoodSoft Ferret Food

Since ferrets are strict carnivores, they need a healthy, quality, meat based protein diet. But, ferrets can be finicky eaters. If a ferret doesn’t like the taste, texture or size of his food–especially kibble, he simply won’t eat it. If a ferret is ill or has dental problems, he may stop eating his normal food as well.

It may be time to try soft ferret food. Pet food manufactures do not provide many options for soft ferret food. Because ferrets should not eat grains and other carbohydrates, it is often difficult to find a suitable diet (for info on ferret nutrition click here). Continue reading Soft Ferret Food

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Ferret Tunnels and Tubes–Best Options

Ferret Tunnels and Tubes

Best Options

Ferret Tunnels and Tubes

Ferrets love to play. They can make a toy out of anything. Ferrets love to burrow and will make a tunnel wherever they can. Put these two characteristics together and you have ferret tunnels and tube toys!

Ferrets never seem to tire of tunnels. They often chase one another in them, back out of them, and hide toys in them. I’m always amazed how they can almost fold themselves in half to turn around in a tube they can’t even stand up in!

There are so many ferret tunnels and tubes on the market. How do you decide which one to try? What are the best options? Well, that depends on what you want to do with it and where you plan to put it. Continue reading Ferret Tunnels and Tubes–Best Options